What’s the Biggest Carp Ever Caught? (Plus

Fishing for carp has grown in popularity among professional fly anglers over the past few years

In fact, some pagans compared this water monster to a fish bone, which is why it was given the name golden bone

Carp originated in Central Asia, but the way people introduced them to other parts of the world helped to distribute this species around the world

The biggest fish caught was the Black Carp weighing 112 kilos and 5 ounces

Jesse Hughes caught this record carp in the Osage River, Bonnots Mill, Missouri in 2021

The largest common carp on record is 75 lbs

Just like any other type of prey catching a big fish will test your skills and equipment

How to catch a big fish

Carp will be in the feeding ponds during the warmer months which can be quite a challenge as one fish can flush the course

Most of the time the carp course are on target in these conditions and will not be distracted even in the best conditions in the world

Therefore, you need the right plan and the right equipment to catch the biggest fish

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They attack these monster fish on a small island in Lake Michigan called Beaver Island

World’s Strongest (According to IGFA)

Although there are many types of carp in our world, Carp, Black reigns supreme

Black carp is one of the largest types of carp available

The largest black whale ever caught weighed about 112 5 kilograms

Jesse Hughes caught this record carp on the Osage River, Bonnots Mill, in 2021

Although you can find carp in all the waters of the world, they are native to Central Asia

Carp is a large marine fish that was later introduced by humans to other parts of the world

(source) Currently, they are widely cultivated in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe

In fact, they are the most popular angling fish in all of Europe

In the United States, people know them as dirty fish or dirty species with special sports characteristics

They are considered undesirable for the table or angling since they are aggressive creatures that compete with other game fish

But some states are starting to see them as a special angling species and not invasive fish

Carp lives in wetlands, muddy rivers, lakes, and ponds

The reason why carp can grow so large is that on average they can live up to 17 to 20 years

Once the fish is over 8 lbs

Carp can also live in hot weather with less food compared to most fish

Where Can I Get A World Record?

Bonnots Mill, Missouri – World Record Hall

Bonnots Mill is located in the northern part of Osage County on the Osage River near its confluence with the Missouri River

(source) This is where Jesse Hughes caught the trout while fishing with his friends on the Osage River

Bonnots Mills for great fishing – Google Maps image – LINK

The Osage River is the eighth largest river in Missouri and unique in its variety of fishing

Anyone can catch something below Bagnell Dam, holding back the water of the Osage River

Anglers can access the river below Bagnell Dam via the Osage River Bridge Road

This area offers more than enough fishing opportunities

The best fishing season starts from September 15 to January 31

So, make sure you carry a seven or eight wt fishing rod

Lake Guntersville, Tennessee

People have known Lake Guntersville as a fishing destination for years, but did you know that it is home to the largest Bighead Carp ever caught?

Jeffrey Rorex caught the largest salmon in this lake in 2005

Lake Guntersville Tennessee for fishing – Google Maps image – LINK

but make sure you have a great technique so that the fish ignore even the most difficult baits

(9) The fishing season starts at the end of May and ends at the beginning of June

But if you’re going to catch something, make sure you’re carrying a 7-wt fly rod

Lake Granbury, Texas

Lake Granbury is one of the largest lakes that drains the Brazos River

Lake Granbury Texas everything is big in Texas including carp – Google Maps image – LINK

Lake Granbury was proposed in the 1950s, and construction began in 1966

In the past, the lake was full of fish every year, but now, it is full of bass

Remember, carp is considered an invasive species, so you can catch some great species here

But make sure you pack your favorite 8wt fly rod and the matching fly line

Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

Lake Ouachita is a temporary reservoir created when Blakely Dam was installed on the Ouachita River

The dam was built for electrical purposes, and is popular among scuba divers and anglers

More than 10% of this lake is covered with vegetation so that you can get some catch on the long streams in this lake

Lake Ouachita Arkansas fishing at its best – Google Maps image – LINK

The lake has more than 100 uninhabited islands, so you can turn your fishing trip into a camping trip and have the opportunity to fish at dawn or dusk

This lake is home to many different species of fish, most of which weigh 30 kilos, so you should be prepared for a fight

It aims to collect the best 8-wt fishing rod – the best time for fishing in May and April

In 2021, Jarrett Knize had the opportunity to record the largest salmon in Illinois

Jarrett thought it was a 50-pound catfish, but after struggling to shore, he discovered a much larger fish

When he used the uncertified scale, he found that he weighed 74 kilograms

Several news channels captured this moment, and you can read more about it on the link: https://wwwoutdoorlifecom/fishing/illnois-record-carp/

High Power Fishing Techniques on the Fly Rod

If you believe there are some fish near your home, the best thing to do is visit your local Department of Natural Resources website

But if you don’t live near a lake where carp live, then you can find carp in your local lakes and ponds

But if you can find them in your water, you should do some research on how to catch them with your local pest control

Tips For Catching Big Power On The Fly Rod

Catching carp with a fly rod – Photo by Indigo Guide Service

When it comes to catching fish, the presentation of the fly is very important, so you need the right fly rod that can help you cast without causing vibrations on the surface of the water

Even when focusing on mud-sifting carp on bottom feeders, you’ll need a medium-weight fly that can sink slowly to the bottom

Therefore, you need an 8-wt fly rod equivalent to a sage fly fishing rod that can be easily rotated from right-to-left retrieve and vice versa

The best line you can use to catch carp is either a diving tip line or a floating line from the Amplitude grand slam

Favorite Fishing Techniques

My favorite technique for catching carp is the drag and drop method

This trick has worked for me for years, and all I have to do is pull my fly away from the fish I want to let it sink slowly, like a nymph or crawfish

This technique works equally well with slow moving fish

Remember, this species is very sensitive, so casting the fly is important, and throwing the fly too hard can spook them

Guide Tip: Getting the temperature right, with the right conditions with the carp food is the “recipe” to find and catch carp with a fly rod

I’m going to let you in on a BIG SECRET – get hold of Indigo Mentoring Services they do this for a living

Favorite Nuts for Strength

Carp fly fishing is all about presentation, so you need the right bait that can attract their attention and force them to attack

A good fly should always resemble the food they usually eat, which is different from where you are fishing

So before I leave the house, I always pack the following flies to target for carp shooting:

Clouser Swimming Nymph for Carp – Umpqua photo

Another important thing to remember about all carp insects is weight

The next quality is what I want to describe is the “feel” the best fish flies have

Here’s what I love about Swimming Nymph:

San Juan Worm is a great fly for carp

The San Juan Worm is good for bottom feeding and cruising carp

#12 is my all time favorite worm, but pink and brown worms can work just as well

Simple yet effective, easy to tie Available in a variety of sizes Chewy Large dropper fly is tied with a heavy duty lead fly

Roots of Steel Fly

Headstand fly pattern – carp love these insects

The building was created by Lance Egan, who grew up fishing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Also, it works with small fish that are moving around for food on the still, deep water

Designed to rest at the bottom of the pool Easy to tie Available in more than one color (base)

Throw your money and catch someone strong

Although they were first thought of as invasive creatures, carp make excellent fish, and have been the most popular fish for many years

I love everything to do with fishing

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