“Where to Find the Suppressed Sniper Rifle in Fortnite

The Heavy Sniper was one of the newest weapons not to be vaulted in Fortnite

That said, the heavy sniper rifle is readily available via crates, equipment drops, and IO crates on the map

Here’s a map showing you the approximate locations of all the IO boxes in Fortnite right now

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides on Fortnitegg Related: How to Create a Device Uplink in Zero Mode: Fortnite Covert Ops Fortnite Heavy Sniper Stats The Heavy Sniper comes in three different rarities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary

This weapon’s current stats, in order from rare to legendary, are: Body Damage: 120/128/132 Headshot: 180/192/198 Building Damage: 600/630/660 Vehicle Damage: 640+ It is unlikely that this weapon will receive another buff during the current season

While the community wasn’t very happy with the nerf the weapon received, it makes sense to some extent

Given that Fortnite has introduced a No-build mode, and since this mode was available since the beginning of the season, loopers could not build themselves covers

In this scenario, a sniper rifle that can kill a slingshot in one shot can place slingshots that don’t have this weapon

With that said, the Heavy Sniper still does significant damage to both loopers and structures, so the weapon can still be effective in modes where construction is enabled

Still, don’t take this weapon lightly just because it’s nerfed

Fortnite Heavy Sniper can still hold his own in battle

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