“Whole Milk In Coffee (Am I Out Of My Mind

This post continues a long series of posts about things you can add to your coffee.

This time, we’ll look at adding heavy cream to the coffee.

Contents1 Why add something to coffee, anyway?1.1 Heavy cream in coffee2 Adding heavy cream to coffee for weight loss3 Health benefits of heavy cream3. 1 High fat, low carb3.2 Low lactose content4 Concerns4.1 High fat, low nutrients5 How to make coffee with heavy cream5.1 Bulletproof style6 Heavy whipping cream in coffee6.1 Dalgona coffee: another whipped alternative7 Frequently asked questions7.1 Does heavy cream bleed into coffee?7.2 Can I use heavy cream instead of butter in my coffee?

I always prefer to introduce people to coffee by encouraging them to drink it black.

So no matter what kind of coffee you drink, the best way is to drink it black and brewed from freshly ground, freshly roasted coffee beans.

That’s the only way you can experience the true taste and aroma of coffee.

However, I understand how some people can’t handle too much coffee strength, and as a result, people like to add milk or dairy to the coffee to lower the strength while still enjoying more. tastes.

Probably the most popular additive is milk, but half and half and now heavy cream are becoming more popular.

Milk, half and half, and heavy cream all lend a little richness to the coffee.

The drink can be very decadent, and many people enjoy the combination of flavors and richness in their mouth.

You may have added milk or half and half yourself, but we’re worried about heavy cream this time.

Heavy cream is all the fat and cream that rises to the top of the milk when it is processed.

Dairy farms skim the cream from the milk and then sell it as heavy cream, or if it’s not 100% cream, as half and half.

A good heavy cream is just pure cream.

So why would you want to add heavy cream to your coffee?

The mouth feel is unmatched, it’s like drinking hot coffee with cream.

Heavy cream thickens the coffee a bit and the resulting mixture becomes smoother and more enjoyable to drink.

Because heavy cream is very high in fat content the texture can be very rich.

Add heavy cream to coffee for weight loss

One of the main reasons that people choose to add heavy cream to coffee is for weight loss as part of the keto diet.

In short, the keto diet focuses on calorie-dense foods that are rich in good fats.

In the right amounts, fats are good and can even help keep you full for longer.

Going back to heavy cream, this is a decent alternative to adding butter or coconut oil.

The thinking behind adding heavy cream to coffee – aside from making it more decadent – is to help you feel fuller for longer.

When you consume sugar (like you do with coffee creamers and the like), your body has to make insulin to digest the sugar.

If instead of sugar, you give your body good, healthy fats, you can actually use the energy from fats and feel full longer because there is no issue with excess insulin produced by the body.

Some people even report that heavy cream helps to negate the negative effects of caffeine, such as jitters.

Heavy cream contains 35-40% fat.

In one tablespoon of heavy cream, you get about 5.6 grams of fat.

In fact, fats are the most caloric nutrient of all the nutrients we normally eat.

One tablespoon of heavy cream gives you 52 calories.

If you’re used to drinking creamer in coffee, I’d leave that out entirely and consider switching to heavy cream or at least, half and half.

Heavy cream has almost no sugar, while coffee creamers are packed with the stuff.

You’d rather have fat any day than sugar.

Health benefits of heavy cream

High fat, low carb

Heavy cream is a big part of a high-fat, low-carb diet.

In fact, most of our diet is carbs with almost no good fats, and certainly very little fruit and vegetables.

Many diabetics need to have low carb diets (not just sugar but white carbs too), so adding more fat to their diet will still meet their calorie needs.

Lactose is the sugar in milk.

You may have heard the term “lactose intolerant” – it applies to people who cannot properly digest the lactose sugar in milk.

Heavy cream contains lactose but it is much less than milk.

High fat, low nutrients

The issue with heavy cream is that it is very high in fats but very low in nutrients.

How to make coffee with heavy cream

How to make coffee with heavy cream

If you try to add heavy cream to your coffee like you would milk, you’ll get little globs scattered everywhere and a less appetizing result.

There are two main ways to have heavy cream with coffee:

This coffee preparation is similar to bulletproof coffee where you mix coffee and cream in a high speed blender to evenly distribute the cream.

The only difference here is that you use cream instead of butter.

Heavy whipping cream in coffee

What if you took it a step further and instead of heavy cream, you added heavy whipping cream?

Prepare black coffee using your favorite brewing method, and whip some heavy cream until you get soft peaks.

You can add a bit of sugar while beating to encourage stronger peaks, but that would defeat the point.

Put a little whipped cream on top of the black coffee and enjoy!

Heavy whipping cream is generally a better idea for a dessert-style coffee than a blend, because heavy cream will incorporate a little better.

If you decide to use heavy whipping cream, you can whip it before adding it to your coffee so that you can get the unique rich, airy texture of the cream combined with the strength of the coffee.

Dalgona coffee: another whip alternative

If you like the texture of whipped cream in coffee, you can try making Dalgona coffee, which is instant coffee, sugar, and water mixed until it becomes a foamy, whipped texture similar to whipped cream.

Regular cream in regular coffee is much healthier, however, because Dalgona coffee is mostly instant coffee and sugar.

Does the heavy cream bleed into the coffee?

Sometimes coffee can be acidic so older cream can break down in it.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to use fresh cream and a low-acid coffee, and blitz it in a blender immediately to ensure that the cream is dispersed through the coffee. and the reaction slows down.

Can I use heavy cream instead of butter in my coffee?

Sure, because both are a good type of fat.

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