“Why do my eyes feel tired and heavy? Here are some

If you have ever felt that your eyes are tired and heavy, this could be due to several factors.

In this article, we can check some of the most common causes and ways to correct tired and heavy eyes.

There is no need to panic about this problem, in most cases it will go away when you rest your eyes or take other steps to reduce eye discomfort.

In the remaining cases, eye fatigue and heaviness due to an underlying eye disease that requires treatment.

Causes of tired and heavy eyes

Here we discuss some of the most common reasons why your eyes feel tired and heavy.

Go through the reason below and it could be the reason why your eyes feel tired and heavy.

Lack of sleep and tired eyes

Lack of sleep or insomnia leads to heavy eyes, which makes your eyes tired.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you can experience eye strain and weakness, and you’ll look older.

Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day, it will automatically reduce your tiredness and the feeling of heavy eyes

Staring at bright light such as TV, smart phones, computer, game console, etc. for a long time can lead to fatigue and heavy eyes.

People who spend more than two hours on digital screens a day are at the highest risk of this condition.

Blink your eyes often, when using digital screens, blinking helps keep your eyes moist

Maintain good posture when using digital screens

You can opt for computer glasses or blue light glasses that can help reduce the eye strain that occurs from constantly looking at digital screens.

If you drive for long hours, it can cause eye strain.

Focusing on a point for a long time will cause a lack of moisture in the eyes and make the eyes feel weak and heavy

If you are prone to allergies, there are more changes in the feeling of eye fatigue.

Factors divert from the heaviness and weakness of the eyes.

Vision problems and tired eyes

The likelihood of eye strain is significant in individuals with pre-existing eye problems.

In some cases, several eye conditions can show that the effects of tired eyes are more distracting and obvious.

If you have any of these vision problems, you may have trouble focusing, then people struggle to focus more and more evenly, which has the effect of further weakening the already weakened eye muscles, resulting in more vision problems such as fatigue eyes and stress on the eye muscles

People who have headaches, dry eyes, migraines and vision problems have a high chance of having very compromised eyes.

How to fix it: Get medical help

Muscle stress and tired eyes

Our eye has several muscles that help us focus on a specific object, just like all other muscles in the body, they also require rest periods and must work in ideal conditions.

When people move their eyes quickly back and forth, the eye muscles will be strained.

Focusing on a small object or a screen in a darker environment will increase the stress on your eyes and lead to strain and fatigue.

Avoid factors that cause muscle stress, such as staring at an object for a long time

Maintain good posture when reading, driving and focusing on screens

If the above does not resolve your problem, seek medical attention

Other basic problems with tired and heavy eyes

There are many other underlying problems that can cause your eyes to be closed and heavy.

Migraine is a medical condition in which the headache or the intensity of the pain changes and has symptoms of sensitivity to light, pain in the eyes, and fatigue and difficulty in the eyes.

In most cases, the effects and intensity of tired eyes usually subside with rest, while migraine symptoms tend to last for a long time.

Additionally, the signs and symptoms associated with migraine headaches cannot be relieved by rest, requiring medical treatment.

A tension headache is another problem that causes tired eyes.

Tight pressure around the head is the most common symptom of a tension headache, on the forehead, sometimes straining the eyes can lead to a tension headache.

A person who has a tension headache, the probability of having difficulty and tired eyes is very high. This headache can be alleviated with analgesics (pain relievers), but eye strain and fatigue will again remain with proper eye rest.

Fatigue is one of the common causes of tired and heavy eyes.

Fatigue, tiredness and insomnia will increase the difficulty of focusing your eyes on an object/text or moving target, then you will naturally struggle to focus even more and the more you struggle, the more you will experience difficulty in your eyes.

This can be reduced by simply resting and sleeping.

Frequently closing your eyes and not focusing on anything will help the eye muscles to relieve stress and restore health.

Symptoms include itching, sensitivity to light, and pain. People who suffer from conjunctivitis may also experience fatigue and eye strain.

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