TANZANIA – The fattest giraffe in the world was caught on camera yesterday!

It is hard to believe that it is the fattest giraffe in the world

The average weight of an adult male giraffe is 1,200 kilograms (2,600 lb), while the average weight of an adult female is 2,600 pounds

Sheki is 22 feet tall and weighs 5,100 pounds

The average giraffe runs about 35 mph, but Shackie clocks in at about 52 mph, which is amazing considering she’s so fat

Unfortunately, there are some giraffe hunters trying to catch Shakey

“She is a big target and everyone wants a piece of her,” said Tanzanian wildlife expert Professor Susan Begley of Mzumbe University

“We are trying to do everything we can to protect Shakey, but we are still very concerned “

Many countries are trying to make a deal with Tanzania to bring the animal to their zoos

Sweden has the inside scoop on getting a Shackie for Stockholm’s Kolmarden Zoo

Swedish supermodel, Anna Hofverberg, was sent to Tanzania to represent the country and made quite an impression on the citizens of Tanzania

“She is the most beautiful woman we have ever seen,” said Jakaia Kikwete, the president of Tanzania

“She also knows a lot about giraffes

She made a compelling case for the Swedish zoo “

Unfortunately, the United States is NOT in the running to get Shakey

“We thought Paris Hilton would be a good choice as an ambassador to get Shakey for the San Diego Zoo, but we were wrong,” said Greg Hayes, a keeper at the San Diego Zoo

Apparently, Paris Hilton didn’t know the difference between giraffes and elephants

How could I know the difference?” Hilton said

Anyway, Shaky is alive and well The fattest giraffe in the world!

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