“Xbox Series X and S launch sets new records for Microsoft”

While Xbox head Phil Spencer reiterated this week that the company won’t discuss console sales numbers, preferring to focus on Xbox Live engagement, the Xbox team has plenty to share about the exciting console launch There is some new data for

Liz Hamren, CVP, Gaming Experiences & Platforms, said on Xbox Wire today that Microsoft “sold more new consoles this week than any previous generation, with the Xbox Series S the most new players for any Xbox console at launch” added a percentage greater than” At just $299, the Xbox Series S is the most affordable next-generation console on the market right now, $100 cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Hamrin also revealed that the majority of early adopters buying the company’s next-generation Xbox consoles this week are Xbox Game Pass subscribers

“Next generation means more ways to explore and play, 70 percent of Series X

Additionally, we have another engagement number with the number of Xbox games played since the launch of the Xbox Series X|S

“More games were played, totaling 3,594, spanning four generations, setting the record for the most games played during an Xbox console launch,” Hamrin said

If Microsoft won’t talk more about Xbox sales, you can expect Sony to do the same

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