10 best Neurosis songs according to deathdoom.com

This is my list of the top 10 Neurosis songs

I’m aware that might be blasphemy, as the band is the textbook definition of “album line-up”

But heck, I’m going to make this list anyway

I got into Neurosis pretty late, but over the last few years they’ve become one of my favorite bands

They really are one of those bands that slowly grow on you until you totally get them

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Discography of neurosis

Pain of Mind, 1988The Word as Law, 1990Souls at Zero, 1992Enemy of the Sun, 1993Through Silver in Blood, 1996Times of Grace, 1999A Sun That Never Sets, 2001The Eye of Every Storm, 2004Horesing to The Rising, 2004Horesing to The Rising within Fires, 2016

It took me a long time to warm to “Honor Found in Decay”, but once I did, I really started to love it

“My Heart for Deliverance” is one of the biggest sounding and most atmospheric songs on the album, and a wonderful one at that

9 Lost

“Are you lost? “

Once these songs start playing

This is the oldest Neurosis song I like and it’s damn sweet!

You can really tell they started to find their core sound here

From the peaceful beginning to the chaos at the end, this is one of the most classic Neurosis songs that really shows off their trendy sound

7 Times of grace

The heavy riff in this one is incredibly heavy and the whole song is just classic Neurosis overload

I’m not sure what to say except that this song just showcases everything that is great about the band

Neuroses like to do things slowly, but not this way; comes with a bang instead

Massive song!

“The Eye of Every Storm” was the first Neurosis album I liked, and “Burn” kicks it off

I’m surprised he doesn’t play this song live from time to time because it’s an absolute monster

Next on the list: another great track from “The Eye of Every Storm”

This is an unusually structured and linear track, but the melodies and overall atmosphere get me every time

Beautiful song!

2016’s ‘Fires inside Fires’ feels a bit understated and the highlight of the album is ‘A Shadow Memory’

It drones on for a while, but when the going gets tough it turns into one of the most intense Neurosis songs

I really think it’s a masterpiece that deserves its place in the top 3 songs

“Locust Star” is one of Neurosis’ most famous songs for good reason

The atmosphere is just suffocating and works so well as the album’s desperate crescendo

But there is one song that tops the “Locust Star” chart for me and that is “The Tide”

This song has everything that makes Neurosis great

Do you like doom metal and/or death metal?

I know neurosis is not doom metal and certainly not death metal

How about I check my troops?

I play in several projects, but my two central ones are Soliloquium (progressive death/doom metal) and Desolator (death metal old school)

Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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