Top 10 Heaviest Alice in Chains Songs

He took heavy elements, hardcore punk and hard rock and combined them all to create a powerful, smooth, distorted grunge sound

Although great bands like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden all have strong vocals and strong guitars, none of them are as strong as Nirvana, especially with someone who -singer, Kurt Cobain goes on and on

All grunge bands have had their fair share of heavy stuff but for now I’m going to focus on Nirvana’s badass sound by listing what I consider to be their top 10 heaviest songs

Honorable mention: Mrs Butterworth – in the fire

I’ll just end my honor and one here

This is definitely one of their better animation shows, but I’m not including it on the list because it has about 90 seconds of shite-talk in the middle of it

I realize it’s a popular statement in punk but it takes me away from the music itself

It’s still classy but unfortunately won’t make the main list!

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Don’t Wait

There is no doubt that all the music snobs mocking the new brioche bun and smug are disgusted that I will pick such music for such a list, now that it is popular to play the music makes him play but doesn’t show the band well

Despite its lack of radio play, it is easily one of their most accessible and heaviest songs

Every rock or bike I go to is crazy (in a good way) when it comes

It sounds loud, strong and angry at the top; like the band

9 School – Bleach

I might like a song from their wonderful catalog

School is one of the best songs on their debut album, Bleach

I might as well put the whole book as its own list because as a full album, they haven’t put out anything quite as visceral since

The song is just 3 short sentences repeated over and over again at different times, but accompanied by one of their most satisfying riffs

This is one of the slower songs on the list but that doesn’t stop it from being very heavy

It’s amazing that Kurt can still talk after recording these albums7

The second of the slower songs on the list but heavier than the one above

By raising the height like the stress of riding a horse, it begins to scream strangely, which pierces your ears like a heavenly knife

Dale Crover, Melvins drummer and close friend of Cobain, lent his famous drumming skills to this song, which gives it the feel of a lost Melvins show with Kurt singing instead of Buzz Osborne

Bleach’s dark brown head is hit with another scream

In retrospect I think I could have made a list of Kurt Cobain’s best screams

and they fit sorta hand in hand with the weight of the sound so it all comes full circle

You’re always excited about this song, it’s like you’re walking down the street to a class where it’s being played and it’s building up loud

For me, this is one of their most influential songs, from the vocal style to the mid-range guitar, it screams (literally) hardcore punk

It was famously used in the opening credits for Kurt Cobain’s epic documentary, Cobain: Montage of Heck, it’s a film recording that slows down the song so you can hear the angst in the voice her, which throughout the song, breaks like a teenager teenage years that add to the atmosphere

4 Floyd The Barber – Bleach

It’s not often that you have a song about the cast of a popular 60’s sitcom like Andy Griffith’s movie, lying down and killing a teenager tied to a barber’s chair , so these lovely guys decided to make it in your ear ready with this piece made with love ugly wise

Musically it may be their closest step in the direction of heavy metal3

If you want to see a full speed train inside your eardrums, than this is your chance

One of their most well-written songs on their most well-crafted album, Breed opens like a cannon blasting through your speakers with Dave Grohl’s impressive, rapid-fire

Anorexorcist – on fire

Now for the song that inspired me to write this list

It was only released as a live show and it’s tough in its quality, but the sound of the guitar and the heft of the riff is without question one of the hardest things Nirvana has ever done

The vocals are a dead giveaway with Kurt’s signature dissonance

Tourette’s – In Utero

Finally, we are reaching the end of this earthquake of great grunge music

I end up with a song that would have been a no

2 If this type of song is in Anorexorcist

Depicting the start of the epic horror, You Know You’re Good, Tourette’s is 95 seconds of horror and violence of the highest order

With Kurt’s most blood-curdling screams like he’s trapped in a bullpen and what sounds like a storm of roaring, heavy bass and the hardest drums

On top of giving the world some of the best and bone-crunchingly heavy music, they have loads of other mellow and rock centered music, everything is amazing

They are a really unique sound in grunge and there is a good reason why they are considered one of the best genres

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