12 things to do when the weight of the world is too heavy

We want you to know that your feelings are valid

So, today on the blog we’re sharing 12 things to do when the world feels overwhelming

Because, well, there’s a lot of activity around you to notice every day

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One of our favorite people in the mental health space is Alain Portner, looking for guidance on how to connect with ourselves and feel more centered!

If you’re new to meditation, this might even be a great time to join the practice with a close group of friends

While we’re all isolated and excluded from social gatherings, Stop + Purpose creates a largely beautiful space for groups to meet once a week to explore topics like gratitude, freedom, acceptance, love, and transition

Go outside for a walk and feel the wind on your face and preferably move your body

We love the Tone It Up app, the workout guides are so motivating and we always feel better after one of their sessions

If you don’t live near the beach, then go to the park and walk barefoot on the grass

Being barefoot in nature helps you feel calm and connected to the earth

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Food for your soul is definitely something, and we kids love to cook and cook

Watch puppy videos on your favorite social media channels

Putting your phone and hands down will calm your central nervous system and make you feel more relaxed!

Here are some suggestions you might like

Complete a coloring page that will inspire your girlfriend to inspire you

The most popular coloring page on the web right now is one of our favorite desktop wallpapers!

Image via @Aspynovard

Get totally prepped, we’re talking makeup, hair, and a full routine

Put on your favorite clothes, shoes and everything

We are always amazed at how much better we feel when we wear our favorite clothes and dress just for America

Listen to how they’re doing and advise them to shift their focus to your own

We love picking up flowers at Trader Joe’s grocery store of the week

Oh, why stay, know that it will bring happiness to family members

When their faces light up, we know yours too!

With the current COVID-19 situation, we prefer small businesses to order from food delivery services

Does this article give you ideas on what to do when the world is too heavy for you? !

Let us know in the comments below! !

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