The Strongest Deadlift Performances in the World

The deadlift is the ultimate standard for measuring human strength

We know that because it’s one of the three main compound lifts (make that four if we count the overhead press)

Heaviest countdown list featuring world records and superhuman feats in general

You probably know most, if not all, of these beasts if you follow strength sports religiously (we can’t get past you)?

But for those who are not so familiar with the history of dying, today we share the 11 heaviest dead burnings of all time

The Heaviest Death Move Ever:

The 4x World’s Strongest Man champion pulled a massive 464kg / 10208lbs at the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic using an Elephant bar

Of course, Brian Shaw doesn’t have much to prove right now

But the Colorado native is coming in more ready than ever in the 2020 World’s Strongest Man competition (if the competition still takes place on the scheduled date)

Brian Shaw Doing a Deadlift

He recently posted a YouTube video showing how he trains and prepares for the car deadlift and he may be surpassing this performance at some point in the near future

The American Jerry Pritchett is known for his incredible deadlift

At the Giants Live event in 2016, he deadlifted a staggering 465kg / 1023lbs with a standard deadlift bar

Pritchett also placed 8th at the recent Arnold Strongman Classic a few weeks ago

Although this performance does not technically match the countdown based on the overall weight lifted

Lamar Grant achieved an astronomical feat by deadlifting 305kg/672lbs at 132lbs!

Lamar Gant set deadly records that still stand today despite being 5’2″ and suffering from scoliosis!

The Russian Ivan Makarov attempted the deadlift of 501kg in December 2019 and was not successful

But he still achieved an insane 470kg/1036lbs using a standard bar

Although, it is definitely a threat to the deadliest record

Lithuania’s Zydrunas “Big Z” Savickas is considered by many to be the greatest Strongman athlete to ever live

In fact, he has won every major Strongman competition and is the only modern competitor to ever do so

Savickas is a 4-time World’s Strongest Man champion, 8-time Arnold Classic winner, and the list goes on and on and on

Zydrunas Savickas Deadlift

He achieved a hummer tire deadlift of 524 kg / 1,155 lb at the 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio

Special Guest – Ronnie Coleman

Special Guest – Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is not part of the numerical count but he is the special guest because he is an absolute beast!

But what many people may not know about Coleman is that he also competed in powerlifting in the mid-90s

Ronnie Coleman Deadlift

Ronnie Coleman was also known to squat 800 pounds and of course, he could kill 900 pounds x 2 ridiculous reps he did just a few weeks from the Arnold Classic

The most successful Strongman competitor at the moment, Iceland’s Hafthor Bjornsson was the 2018 World’s Strongest Man champion and winner of the 2020 Arnold Classic which was his third consecutive win in Columbus, Ohio

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

Bjornsson lifted 474kg / 10428lbs at the 2019 Arnold Classic on an Elephant bar which makes him the world record holder with that bar

He is coming for the all-time deadlift record 501kg soon and we are confident he will get it soon, having failed to do so last year

Bjornsson also shares amazing training updates and videos through his YouTube channel

Eddie Hall from England is one of the wildest beings to ever walk the planet

The World’s Strongest Man 2016 was an event he likely would have won had he not been injured

But he went on to win the World’s Strongest Man 2017 competition

He also holds a few world records and has a very impressive Strongman resume

In the 2016 World’s Strongest Man competition, Hall pulled 4725kg/10395lbs on the Elephant bar

What makes powerlifter Andy Bolton’s 1000lb deadlift so impressive is that he was the first man to ever officially lift this much weight off the ground

Now, of course, his deadlift has since been surpassed but he is the current World Powerlifting Organization (WPO) world record holder in the deadlift (1273 kg / 2806 lb) and squat (5505 kg / 1213 lb)

Benedikt Magnusson holds the current raw (no straps or suit) deadlift record of 460kg/1015lbs which he did on a standard deadlift in 2011

in 2014, Magnusson set the strongest deadlift of 461 kg (1,016 lbs) which was surpassed the following year by Eddie Hall 462 kg / 1,019 lbs

We’re sure you saw this one coming and yes Eddie Hall made the list once again

Hall sets the all-time deadlift record of 500kg/1,102 lbs, 79th which he achieved in 2016

He was also the first man to ever lift 1100 pounds and died even after his world record performance

Eddie Hall Deadlift

Eddie Hall Deadlift

Eddie Hall performed this feat with equipment but still surprisingly impressive nonetheless

On May 2, 2020 Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson deadlifted 501kg and sets an all time world record

The 30-year-old Arnold Strongman Classic champion also set the unofficial Elephant bar world record (480kg/1058lbs) in February and then smoked 470kgs/1036lbs last month live on Twitch in his final heavy session before world record breaking day

A post shared by Fitness Volt (@fitnessvoltnetwork)

The lift made history and now, he is the new king of the dead

Now, the next guy is not in the video and he didn’t even perform a conventional deadlift

However, he does hold the all-time seated deadlift world record, so we included him in the list

Martin Tye is a disabled veteran who managed to lift 550kg / 1,212lbs off the ground while sitting at the Arnold Classic, Ohio in 2020

Guinness World Record Martin Tye

This feat placed him in the Guinness Book of World Records and the UK Strongman has big ambitions looking ahead

Here are the 10 heaviest deadlifts of all time on video if you want to check it out…

We hope you enjoyed the top 10 list of world record deadlifts and a few special guests too

These feats are truly amazing and we can’t wait to see if someone breaks Eddie Hall’s all time record sometime soon

Although, we think Hafthor Bjornsson has the best chance at the moment

Who has the world record for siege? Hafthor Julius Bjornsson!

On May 2, 2020 The Mountain deadlifted 501kg and sets the all time world record

The previous world record holder was Eddie Hall who deadlifted a massive 500kg/1,102lbs at Europe’s Strongest Man in 2016

Who has lifted 500kg? Hafthor Bjornsson (501kg) and Eddie Hall (500kg) are the only two men recorded to have ever lifted 500kg

Has anyone beaten Eddie hall’s 500kg deadlift? Hafthor Bjornsson has deadlifted 501kg and set the all time world record on May 2, 2020

What is the heaviest weight lifted by a man? The most weight lifted by a man was 501kg / 110452 lbs achieved by Strongman Hafthor Bjornsson on May 2, 2020

What is the squat world record? The world record squat is 5775 kg/12732 lbs achieved by Dave Hoff at the WPO Super Finals on October 28, 2019

His record was equipped with a multi-ply squat suit and knee pads

What is the heaviest squat? The heaviest squat is 5775 kg/12732 lbs achieved by Dave Hoff at the WPO Super Finals on October 28, 2019

How long did Thor die?

He previously lifted 474 kg / 1,045 lbs at the 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio

He also won first prize in this competition

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