“50 J. Cole Quotes on Motivation, Life

Cole quotes that will inspire you to follow your heart!

When you listen to their words, it is very easy to get down

So, instead of listening to their words, we must incorporate some of the best advice we can get from J

Burn in our heart

Cole is an American rapper who rose to fame in 2007 with his first mixtape, The Come Up Celebrities often love people, but J

Cole is different

I am an outgoing person whose main concern is to create deep and meaningful relationships with others; it’s all for sure!

J Cole also strives to be the best at whatever he does

For him, it is important to pour your heart into what you do so that you don’t do things that are not cooked

We can learn a lot from him about life, love and success

If you want to know more about him, don’t miss the most inspiring book by J

The best J

Cole Quotes

Cole Quotes

1 “I feel like this: whatever is in your way and in your heart, you must do it “

Follow your heart

4 “Life can bring great pain

There are many ways to deal with this pain

I think something is wrong, and I won’t stop until I feel like I’m done

6 “Sometimes our dreams come true; sometimes our fears do ”

7 “To appreciate the sun, you need to know what rain is “

8 “Take a chance, because you never know how the perfect thing can come true “

“I always feel like they are two important tools when it comes to following your dreams, making something happen that the average person thinks is difficult

The second step, you know, is the hard work that goes with it “

Cole Quotes About Life And Dreams

“They say time is money, but really, it’s not

If we mess up, time is all we have, and we can’t get it back, no, you can’t ”

“We have dreams, and we have the right to pursue them “

In different groups, but it’s all a game ”

“You have to suffer to know

Fall to grow

Because many things in life are learned through pain “

“If they don’t know your dreams, they won’t shoot them “

“You have no control over how someone else feels about you, but you have 100% control over how you feel about yourself and how you feel about the people around you and how you living by it “

Your life can change in one year, and even when it’s dark, the sun is shining somewhere “

“Everything is possible; you have to dream like you’ve never seen obstacles “

As we grow up, we realize that it is not important to have many friends but it is important to have real friends “

“Never give up until you have given your all “

It is better to fail than to wonder what would have happened if you had tried “

“In this life, it’s not a happy ending – it’s a clean beginning followed by years of sin and false repentance “

Which means J

Cole Quotes About Happiness and Self-Love

“I’d rather be happy being myself than sad trying to please everyone “

“You are perfect just the way you are

With all your faults and problems, you don’t need to change anything

All you need to change is thinking that you don’t deserve it ”

“Everything grows; it is meant to change”

“What is done in the dark will always find a way to shine “

But look, I’m getting bigger and stronger with every breath

J Cole Quotes About Love

I’m starting to fall in love “

“If you place your value on appreciation and love, that’s enough “

“Those you love will hurt you “

Money can’t buy you love because it’s too expensive

J Cole Quotes About His Success, Fame and Career

“You can’t get reputation back

You may lose all the money, but you will never lose the people who know you “

I feel like I’m overcoming problems “

“People think because I’m successful, I’m successful, but in my eyes it’s like, ‘How long has Jay Z been in the business? ‘

How many albums do you have?’ It’s not that I’m trying to be Jay Z, but I’m trying to be around for a long time “

“I was against a lot, not just fame

I was always careful not to change “

“I still want to rap more than anybody, and I want to say important things “

“I put a lot of God in my music, but not because I am in a high religion

There are many demons in my music, too

“I don’t live for awards

It’s mostly about music

Those are the two best ideas “

Cole Quotes and Lyrics are the perfect Instagram Captions

“Short time—that’s what someone told me “

“I know that vengeance is the Lord’s, and not mine “

“You can dream, but don’t ignore the execution “

Cole Quotes to make you think twice

Cole and His Music?

Cole has released over 50 singles and has been on several interviews

Every part he puts out and every word he says gives fans valuable lessons to live by

However, one of the most prominent is the one that says, “Follow your heart “

Don’t follow what you are told to do”

Don’t follow what you are told to do”

Cole, life has no limits

The path to your goals doesn’t have to follow what society says; Your sense of success and happiness may also differ from the crowd

For that reason, you should never let the opinions of others shut you down

Life is about doing things that make you happy; it’s to follow your heartbeat!

Remember the lessons you learned from J

Cole quotes, and let yourself shine!

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