How Much Does a Judo Gi Weigh?

The clothes that Judokas wear when competing and training in the sport of Judo are called Judogi – where gi means ‘uniform’ competition, without tearing

So, how much does a Judo Gi weigh? A Judo Gi weighs between 300 and 550 g/m2 (1058 and 194 oz/m2) in single weave and 650 to 1000 g /m2 (2293 to 3527 oz/m2) double weave

The single weave Judo Gi is light and breathable, but lacks the strength and durability of the double weave Judo Gi Of course, judogi can weigh more or less than this

In this article, we discuss the different types of Judo Gi, their intended purpose, how much a judogi weighs, and the different factors that may affect that weight

Also, we have a short buyer’s guide on how to choose and where to find a high quality Judo Gi at a fair and reasonable price Choosing Light Vs Heavy Judogi Judogi is the standard uniform for Judo practice and competition and consists of three articles : pants, jacket, and belt

All Judogi are made of dense cotton material and designed to withstand incredible amounts of use and abuse During a Judo tournament, both competitors will hold on to each other’s Gi in a full effort to control and defeat their opponent

This means that the Judo Gi must be strong, and thus the material can be very heavy for the athletes Before we can say exactly how much the Judo Gi weighs, a distinction must be made

There are two basic types of Judo Gi: single weave and double weave

Single Weave and Double Weave Judo Gi will have different weights because they are designed differently Single Weave While weight will vary from brand to brand, a typical Judo Gi will weigh somewhere between 300-550 g/ m2 (1058 and 194 oz/ m2) of material Single weave Judo Gi is a lighter material than double weave

So a single Judo Gi is not as strong or durable as a double weave A Double Weave Judo Gi weighs between 650-1000 g/m2 (2293 to 3527 oz/m2) – that’s twice the weight of a One gi The double weave Judo Gi is very heavy and heavy

There is nothing to give in this fabric The double weave Judo Gi is very reliable and may stand the test of time, but it is relatively heavy

This can sometimes cause athletes to overheat and tire faster than they would like, and wearing one all the time can get you down and drag you down if you’re not used to it Factors Affecting the Weight of the Judo GiAgain, the exact weight of the Judo Gi will vary from brand to brand

However, other factors can affect the weight of the Judo Gi that should be considered

The two main features of a Judo Gi weight beyond brand name and design are size and sweat absorption Size Judo players come in all different sizes, shapes, and weight categories

Because of this, each athlete will have to choose a Gi based on their sizing needs, and there is not much that can be done about controlling the weight of the Gi be, thus, it will have more weight

On the contrary, if you wear a small size, the Gi will not be heavy SweatJudo is very explosive and powerful and can get the heart pumping, causing the athletes to sweat a lot as a result Because the Judo Gi is made of cotton, it can absorb sweat

Over time, this will add weight to your Gi Although this extra weight is often an overlooked factor that you may not see directly, Judo is a game of inches, and everything – no matter how small – can affect the game rash guard under your clothing

How to Choose a Judo Gi (Buyer’s Guide) Those who are new to the sport of Judo may be a little confused about how to choose a Judo Gi and the criteria to base the decision on The most important thing to look for when choosing a Judo Gi is how it fits

If the Judo Gi is not fitted properly to the athlete, the competition judge may not allow the uniform to be worn by the athlete Sizing A Judo Gi should not be too tight, but you also do not want it to be too loose Your Gi should be comfortable and not restrict your movement or movement in any way

1-2 inches (254-508 cm) above the ankle joint is fine A quality Judo Gi is an investment; it’s meant to stay with the athlete for a long time, like a baseball player’s glove Buying a cheap and low-quality Judo Gi is not a good idea because you will probably find yourself replacing it sooner than expected, and it may also put you at a disadvantage in competition

In addition, it can take a long time and a lot of use to break in a Judo Gi and soften it This does not mean that a good Judo Gi should be overpriced

Even the highest quality Judo Gi is not very expensive when you consider how much use you will get from it, so it makes no sense to go for a poor brand Where to buy Judo Gi can be bought online in all kinds of shapes , sizes, and colors In our opinion, the most expensive Judo Gi on the market is the Fuji Sports Double Weave

This particular Gi is suitable for any level of competitor and is considered a great universal choice for that reason Many Judoka will have a second Judo Gi, usually a single weave, for support and training purposes

Fuji Sports also manufactures one of the most respected single weave Judo Gi’s on the market, the Fuji Sports Single Weave Judo Uniform Having a spare Gi will ensure you are fit and ready for any situation Does Your Judogi Competition’s Weight Matter Competition ?

The weight of your judogi can affect the competition

So naturally, a heavy gi would place you in the top weight category Conclusion There are two different types of Judo Gi, single and double weave

A single weave Judo Gi will weigh between 300 and 550 g/m2 (1058 and 194 oz/m2) of cotton material, and a double weave Judo Gi is almost double that

Both types of Judo Gi offer unique advantages that the other does not, and it may be beneficial to own one of each

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