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Elite Design Plans are high-end upgrades for your Jackdaw.

To get all the plans, you must visit several Caribbean islands, as well as complete the story mission “Diving for Medicines”.▼Article continues below▼

Maps will help you find the locations of shipwrecks, which can reward you with money and elite design plans.

A complete list of elite design plans and their respective ship breaks is posted below the text. Weapons and Armor Elite Design Plan1.

Elite Hull Armor (Wreckage)

Planning Location: San Ignacio Rec (379,770)

Elite Hull Armor Plan Location2.

Elite Group of Broadside Guns (Shipwreck)

Elite Ram (Wreck)

Planning Location: La Concepcion Rack (181,296)

Elite Ram Design Plan Location 4.

Elite Round Shot Strength (Wreckage)

Elite Round Shot Strength Plan Location5.

Elite Mortar (Shipwreck)

Planning Location: Antocha Break (630,660)

Elite Mortar Design Plan Location 6.

Elite Swivel Gun Strength (Shipwreck)

Elite Swivel Gun Plan Location7.

Elite Heavy Shot Strength (Treasure Map) Corozal – Tavern (36,265) Cadaver Location: Ambergris Key Cave (58,184) Extra Reward: 3 000RDig Location: Mysteriosa (307,195)

Ambergris key cadaver location

Ambergris Key treasure map

Ambergris Key TM Chest Location8.

Elite Fire Barrel Strength (Treasure Map) Arroyos – Tavern (193,565) Cadaver Location: Santanilas (221,247) Extra Reward: 3 000RDig Location: San Juan (479,487)

Santanillas treasure map

Santanilas TM Chest Location Storage Elite Plan 1.

Elite Heavy Shot Storage (Treasure Map) Cadaver Location: Cayman Sound (335,335) Extra Reward: 3 000RDig Location: Petit Cavern (894,260)

Cayman Sound Cadaver

Cayman sound treasure map

Cayman Sound TM Chest Location2.

Elite Mortar Storage (Treasure Map) Cadaver Location: Tortuga (882,377) Extra Reward: 3 000RDig Location: Matanzas (342,641)

Tortuga treasure chest

Elite Fire Barrel Storage (Treasure Map) Cadaver Location: Kenway’s fleet acquires this after completing the “Scarlatina” mission. Dig Location: Isla Providencia (502,44) Harpooning Elite Plan1.

Elite Harpoon Strength (Treasure Map) Cadaver Location: Mariguana Island (878,539) Extra Reward: 3 000RDig Location: Andreas Island (575,717)

Mariguana Island Cadaver

Mariguana Island Treasure Chest

Mariguana Island TM chest location

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