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Weight does not matter when it comes to ebike options!

Whether you’re a heavier rider or in need of some serious cargo-hauling capabilities, below is an extensive list of many high-payload ebikes to choose from.

From city to mountain, we’ll help you find the right bike with all the specs you can think of.

The RadWagon 4 by Rad Power Bikes (350lb Payload)

Cargo bikes are known for their high payload capacity, and the RadWagon 4 proves it.

This bike can hold up to 350 lbs of weight with its longer frame and low center of gravity.

It is a 750 watt motor with a 48V 14Ah battery (672 watt-hours) —Rad estimates its range to be 24-45+ miles per charge.

There is also an integrated rear rack for any tagalong riders or cargo.

Check out our full RadWagon 4 review to learn more.

The RipCurrent S by Juiced Bikes (300lb Payload)

The Juiced RipCurrent S is a brand new model by Juiced Bikes that will be available for shipping in later September 2022.

If you’re adventuring with a partner, use the code 2BIKEOFFER for an additional $200 off your order when buying two bikes.

This model offers unparalleled power with its 1000 watt motor and 52V/19.2Ah battery (998.4 watt-hours).

This gives riders an approximate 70+ miles of range on a full charge.

Even with a total payload capacity of 300 lbs, this rig can reach speeds up to 28 MPH.

For an even more customizable option, choose from red, gray, or black colors.

We’ve recently reviewed this model before, but couldn’t help but bring it up again.

The Kommoda by Cyrusher is a great bike from a brand that is known for their ebike designs that stand out.

This model offers a step-through frame, fat tires, and dual-suspension.

It features a 750 watt motor with a 1,000 watt peak.

It is a 48V, 14Ah battery (672 watt-hours) that estimates a 25-50 mile range.

There is tons of customization available via accessories, or even on the 3.7″ colored LCD display that lets riders toggle with the advanced settings.

This is a great bike for new or experienced electric bike riders—don’t miss out!

Lectric Ebikes with High Weight Ratings

Lectric is an awesome brand that we at Ebike Escape will always recommend.

They are known for their affordability and folding capabilities—so if you’re in a pinch and on the go, check out these models:

This is a fat-tire, foldable frame that gets as small as 37’’ x 18’’ x 28’’ while also holding 330 lbs of payload.

It has a 48V, 9.6Ah battery (460.8 watt-hours) and a 500 watt motor that peaks at 800 watts.

It’s a solid choice for those on a budget, plus still comes fully outfitted with a rear rack, paint matched fenders, front suspension and front and rear lights.

Learn more in our Lectric XP 2.0 review or if you’ve already made up your mind be sure to hop over to our Lectric XP 2.0 accessories list.

The Lectric XPremium (330lb Payload)

This option also offers 4″ fat tires for a comfortable riding experience, but it goes further—quite literally.

The XPremium features a dual-battery system with nearly 1000 watt-hours of capacity, allowing for 100+ miles of range.

It has a mid-drive motor with 500 watts of continuous power too, all built into the foldable frame.

Every model of the Aventon brand offers a comfortable ride for heavier bikers.

They have six different models with differing specs depending on what you need.

An added plus to purchasing from the Aventon brand is their dealership network across the United States.

If you’re looking for a rugged look with unique color options, this is the brand for you.

This model is available in both regular and step-through options to accommodate a variety of riders.

It offers fat tires and about 45 miles of range.

Out of every bike on this list, the Aventure by Aventon has the highest total payload capacity.

The Aventure is a popular choice for those looking for a full-sized fat tire ebike.

The Aventon Sinch shown as a step-through, folded up, and as a high-step

This is Aventon’s foldable model with fat tires that is made available in both regular and step-through options (pictured above).

With 40 miles of estimated range, the Sinch is a great option for folks who take their wheels everywhere.

Learn more in our Aventon Sinch review.

Once again, this model is offered with or without the step-through.

The Level is a commuter bike with 40 miles of range that can reach 28 MPH.

A rack and fenders are included and it features a suspension fork for added comfort on your ride.

The Pace 350 Next-Gen and the Pace 500 Next-Gen come with or without a step-through frame, depending on your preference.

Both have an estimated 40 miles of range.

Learn more in our Aventon Pace Next-Gen review.

Step-through or not, the Soltera is a great lightweight option for heavier riders looking for a Class 2 ebike.

It has up to 41 miles of range, integrated lights, and the option for a single-speed or 7-speed shifter depending on the terrain you expect.

Learn more in our Aventon Soltera review.

Ride1Up is a great brand for your needs if you’re looking for a traditional-looking ebike.

They are all about value-priced commuter bikes that allow you to ride in style and comfort.

There are three frame types available on the Ride1Up Prodigy, as well as three colors.

Commuters or city riders may want to opt for the step-through or high-step but the XC offers more versatility and adds front suspension.

This Class 3 ebike offers a 30-50 mile range and a German engineered Brose mid-drive motor.

The alloy frame is lightweight, bringing it to around a 50 lb bike that can carry 300 lbs.

Learn more in our Ride1Up Prodigy review.

This model has slightly thicker tires in comparison to the Prodigy, and is better equipped for cargo or even kid hauling.

The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser is also a Class 3 bike that offers 30-50 miles of riding on a full charge.

It features a 750-watt motor that will keep you and your cargo moving no matter the terrain.

There are two different frame styles and three color options to choose from.

If you’re a heavier rider interested in the Ride1Up brand, this will be the cheaper option designed for larger payloads.

Learn more in our Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Review.

Ariel Rider Options

The Ariel Brand is great for folks interested in performance and style-oriented ebikes.

These have tons of power backing the rider and offer a variety of styles depending on your needs.

The frame of the Kepler allows for either a high-step or low-step option depending on mobility.

It is a sporty style, which pairs nicely with the 1000-watt motor (1800-watt peak!) and the 52V, 20Ah battery (1,040 watt-hours).

If you plan to go on longer rides and want a full-sized fat tire ebike, this is the one for you.

Learn more in our Ariel Rider Kepler review.

X-Class (300 lb Payload)

The Ariel Rider X-Class

The design of this model plays around with 80s-style bikes, with a pinch of motorcycle design as well.

The Ariel Rider X-Class is bold and fun, matching that of the 52V, 20Ah battery (1,040 watt-hours) that will leave you riding on and on and on.

It also has an adjustable front suspension fork and rear shocks to aid in the comfort of your ride.

Similar to the style of the X-Class, the Ariel Rider Grizzly bike brings on a unique design with higher handlebars.

It features dual suspension, dual motor, and dual battery!

It is designed for adventurers in it for the long-haul and those who want a no-compromises moped style ebike.

The following brands have a variety of models for heavier riders, or those looking for high cargo capacities.

Many of the Biktrix models can support larger payloads.

The Skycap 2 has 440 lbs worth of payload capacity!

The Biktrix brand comfortably supports taller riders as well and their quality customer support (chat or phone) can help you make the right decision for you.

This brand is all about flexibility; they offer a wide range of both styles and prices to ship to addresses in North America, Australia, and many parts of Europe.

You can customize the buying options too; they offer different wheels, colors, inseams, batteries, etc.

All of the Himiway bikes are fat-tire ebikes that support high weight capacities, with a few being step-throughs.

You can expect up to 80-mile range on some of these models.

The cargo option, Big Dog, and full-sized Zebra can carry up to 400 lbs of weight!

Learn more in our Himiway ebike reviews.

View Himiway Ebikes

But we wanted to make sure that no matter your needs, there is an ebike option for you.

The amount of brands and models out there is unbelievable, and each one is doing its part to make sure anyone can hop on an ebike.

The fastest e-bikes on the market can quickly reach and maintain speeds of 28mph and over, providing more than enough speed for the average rider.

However, top speed isn’t the only consideration when searching for the fastest electric bike.

Ideally, you want a bike that builds speed smoothly, not in a jerky fashion, and can hold high speeds while going uphill or carrying cargo.

The best e-bikes for this job are those with powerful mid-drive motors, but the trade-off is they cost more.

This article will review a mix of the fastest electric bikes with hub-drive and mid-drive motors and top speeds of 28 to 32 miles per hour and finish with a short buying guide.

The fastest electric bike currently in production is technically the Delfast Top 3.0, with an impressive 50mph top speed and 200-mile max range.

Another limited edition (only 20 units produced) electric bike by the brand HPC is the Revolution XX, with a top speed of over 70mph.

For this article, we will consider more traditional electric bike designs, as the abovementioned are more similar to electric motorbikes.

Fastest Electric Bikes You Can Get in 2023

Fastest Electric Bikes You Can Get in 2023

1. Trek Allant+ 7S — 28 MPH Top Speed

1. Trek Allant+ 7S — 28 MPH Top Speed

Trek Allant+ 7s is a performance class 3 ebike built for speeds of up to 28 mph.

It’s the ideal choice for urban riders and commuters who want to travel fast and have all the necessary features and accessories that make an ebike practical and comfortable.

First things first, the Allant+ 7s is powered by an 85 Nm Bosch Performance Speed mid-drive motor and a Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery integrated into the down tube.

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Trek doesn’t disclose the estimated range, but the bike weighs just 54 lb and rolls on Schwalbe G-One, 650x57c tires, which will increase battery life.

For the $4,100 price, you also get a Shimano Alivio 9-speed drivetrain and a Shimano’s MT520 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, which is a decent deal.

When it comes to practicality and accessories, the Allant+ 7s features front and rear battery-powered lights, a rear rack, fenders, and even a 45 mm travel fork for a boost in comfort.

Get it if you want a tried and tested product that reaches Class 3 speeds from a world-famous brand.

Buy from Trek Bikes

2. Ride1UP Prodigy — 28 MPH Top Speed

2. Ride1UP Prodigy — 28 MPH Top Speed

Ride1UP’s Prodigy is the brand’s premium electric bike, consisting of three different builds, each with a punchy 90Nm mid-drive motor.

The Brose TF Sprinter motor offers a smooth and natural ride quality with plenty of power to reach the top speed of 28mph, even while tackling climbs.

Combine that with a 504Wh battery and a 9-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain, and you’ll get up to 50 miles of range.

This bike has a fully-equipped setup for urban living, including a 40lb-capacity cargo rack that allows you to maximize the 300lb payload capacity.

Ride1UP chose Maxxis Re-Fuse 2″ gravel-ready tires and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes so you can take the Prodigy off-road onto light gravel trails.

However, they also offer an XC version with 120mm of fork travel and 2.4″ Forekaster cross-country tires for off-road enthusiasts.

Consider the Ride1UP Prodigy e-bike if you want speed and versatility with an attractive price to match.

3. Rambo The Rampage — 28 MPH Top Speed

3. Rambo The Rampage — 28 MPH Top Speed

The Rampage is one of Rambo’s top three models, eclipsed only by the Megatron and Venom e-bikes.

With a top speed of 28mph and a huge 1000W ultra mid-drive motor, this is easily one of the fastest electric bikes to reach its top speed.

The mid-drive is also exceptionally smooth compared to hub motors.

Rambo designed this bike to handle the most extreme terrain you will encounter.

Full suspension, 60+ miles of range, plus-sized Maxxis Minion 2.8″ tires, and powerful four-piston hydraulic disc brakes ensure nowhere is out of reach.

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Impressively, Rambo managed to keep the weight of this bike at just 67lbs, despite the 1008Wh battery and full-suspension setup.

The manageable weight and slack mountain bike geometry give you a feeling of stability and control on rough terrain.

If you’re looking for unbeatable power and capability and have a big budget, consider the Rambo Rampage.

Buy from Rambo Bikes

4. Aventon Level.2 — 28 MPH Top Speed

4. Aventon Level.2 — 28 MPH Top Speed

The updated Aventon Level.2 is among the fastest electric bikes 2023 had to offer the urban/commuter market, although not quite as fast as the Imren e-bike.

The Level.2 has a 500W motor with a 750W peak output paired with a 672Wh battery to deliver a max range of 60 miles and top speeds of 28mph.

With a smaller motor and battery, this is one of the lightest models on this list at just 53lbs.

Full review: Aventon Level.2 Commuter Style E-Bike

Because it’s an urban e-bike, Aventon provides a complete set of commuter components for the Level.2, including a rear rack, fenders, lights, and a kickstand.

The groupset comprises a Shimano Acera 8-speed drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, a solid combination for a sub-$2,000 e-bike.

Comfort-seekers will also enjoy this bike with its 2.1″ tires, 65mm fork suspension, upright geometry, and low-step frame.

Choose the Aventon Level.2 if you want a cheap urban e-bike with a high max speed and plenty of range.

Buy from Aventon Bikes

5. Juiced HyperScrambler 2 — 30+ MPH Top Speed

5. Juiced HyperScrambler 2 — 30+ MPH Top Speed

Juiced Bikes specializes in creating the fastest e-bikes on the market, with a range of moped-style designs, including the Juiced HyperScrambler 2.

This e-bike can reach top speeds above 30mph thanks to its 1000W hub motor.

The HyperScorpion 2 has dual battery capacity, meaning you choose one or two 998Wh batteries at checkout.

The max range of the full-capacity version is over 100 miles.

The fastest e-bikes should stay comfortable at high speeds, so Juiced designed this bike with dual suspension and shock-absorbent 4.25″ fat tires.

The 180mm-rotor hydraulic disc brakes on this bike are slightly underpowered, given the huge power.

In addition, it weighs a whopping 119lbs with the two batteries installed.

Given that, the weight feels closer to a moped than an e-bike.

Plus, it comes with some of the best ebike accessories you can ask for, including front and rear lights, fenders, dual-leg kickstand, rearview mirrors and so much more.

Nonetheless, this is a unique model with an affordable price.

So choose the HyperScorpion 2 if you’re in the market for a moped-style e-bike with tons of range.

6. QuietKat Ibex — 28+ MPH Top Speed

6. QuietKat Ibex — 28+ MPH Top Speed

Motor: 1000W, 160Nm ultra mid-drive

Motor: 1000W, 160Nm ultra mid-drive

The QuietKat Ibex is the best electric mountain bike on this list, with a top speed of over 28mph thanks to the industry-leading Bafang 1000W ultra mid-drive motor.

Speed and torque sensors measure rider inputs to deliver the most natural-feeling ride possible.

In addition, this bike can reach its top speed in mere seconds.

QuietKat chose a large 1008Wh battery that’s stylishly integrated into the frame.

It provides a solid max range of 63 miles.

The Ibex’s frame has a 130mm RockShox Monarch RL shock that uses the brand’s proprietary Fire-Link suspension platform and combines with a 140mm inverted air fork to deliver traction, stability, and control on extreme terrain.

Finally, with a 300lb payload capacity, you can load up this bike with gear for your hunting or camping trips and still easily reach the top speed.

Add the QuietKat Ibex to your shortlist if you need an electric hunting mountain bike to handle whatever you throw at it.

7. Juiced HyperScorpion — 30+ MPH Top Speed

7. Juiced HyperScorpion — 30+ MPH Top Speed

The Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion is the cheapest fastest electric bike out there, costing as little as $2,199 when part of the company’s frequent sales.

Like the HyperScrambler 2, this bike uses a 1000W hub motor that can achieve max speeds of over 30mph.

In addition, its 994Wh battery will return around 70 miles of range when used with the 8-speed Shimano gearing.

Featured in: Best Electric Mini Bikes in 2023

Its 4.25″ tires, dual suspension, and comfortable touchpoints ensure the HyperScorpion is comfortable even at high speeds.

The fat tires also allow you to venture off-road onto dirt tracks when necessary.

Other notable features of this bike include the extra passenger capacity, moped-style indicators and lights, fenders, and a rear rack.

Don’t miss out on Juiced Bikes’ fastest fat tire electric bike if you want incredible power without the price tag.

Buy from Juiced Bikes

Buy from Juiced Bikes

8. Imren Electric Bike — 32 MPH Top Speed

8. Imren Electric Bike — 32 MPH Top Speed

Imren is a small Chinese manufacturer that produces the fastest electric bike on the market for commuters.

This fat-tire electric bike can reach 32mph with a 750W motor.

Imren chose a large 768Wh battery that returns ranges up to 60 miles when used with the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain.

A full-equipped setup means this bike is ideal for commuters and urban riders who frequently run errands.

Take advantage of the 350lb payload capacity by loading up the rear rack with all your cargo.

The 4″ Kenda fat tires and fork suspension ensure a comfortable ride on bumpy roads and gravel paths.

In addition, hydraulic disc brakes allow you to stop quickly in all conditions.

Overall, the Imren fat tire electric bike covers all your bases for urban living and does so at an affordable price.

9. QuietKat Ranger 1000W — 28 MPH Top Speed

9. QuietKat Ranger 1000W — 28 MPH Top Speed

QuietKat’s Ranger is the fastest electric bike for hunting below $4,000, thanks to its 1000W hub motor.

The Ranger can quickly reach its top speed of 28mph with a powerful kick from the motor.

However, a relatively small 614Wh battery returns max ranges of just 38 miles, so you’ll need to use the highest setting sparingly.

The Ranger has a camo paint finish option and a whisper-quiet motor that improve the chances of a successful hunt.

In addition, the frame-integrated rear rack has an impressive carrying capacity of 100lbs, enough to haul fresh game back to camp.

4.5″ Kenda Juggernaut tires, a 100mm travel coil fork, and 203mm-rotor Tektro mechanical disc brakes ensure almost all terrain is within reach of the Ranger.

Add the QuietKat Ranger to your shortlist if you want an affordable electric hunting bike with impressive power.

Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3 — 28 MPH Top Speed

Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3 — 28 MPH Top Speed

Cannondale’s Topstone Neo Carbon 3 Lefty is a unique full-suspension gravel bike.

The Topstone Neo Lefty 3 has a full carbon fiber frame with a proprietary ‘Lefty’ fork that reduces weight and provides 30mm of travel.

These tires, dual-suspension, and slack gravel geometry provide a confidence-inspiring ride feel, even on light singletrack.

Power comes from Bosch’s Performance Line CX 75Nm motor and 500Wh PowerPack combination, allowing you to reach the 28mph max speed in seconds and travel up to 80 miles on one charge.

Finally, you get a Shimano GRX 810 11-speed drivetrain with GRX hydraulic disc brakes.

Choose the Cannondale Topstone Neo Lefty 3 if you want one of the most capable and fastest electric bikes for gravel riding.

Gazelle Ultimate C380 Plus — 28 MPH Top Speed

Gazelle Ultimate C380 Plus — 28 MPH Top Speed

Motor: 250W, 85Nm mid-drive

Motor: 250W, 85Nm mid-drive

Motor: 250W, 85Nm mid-drive

Motor: 250W, 85Nm mid-drive

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

Top speed: 28mph

The final inclusion on our list of the fastest electric bikes for adults is Gazelle’s premium Ultimate C380+.

This model is the most advanced Gazelle e-bike, with a powerful Bosch Performance Line Speed 85Nm motor that quickly reaches its max speed of 28mph.

It pairs with a 500Wh integrated battery to deliver up to 55 miles of range.

This bike’s sporty yet comfortable design reflects the general style of the ‘Ultimate’ Gazelle e-bike family.

The C380+ comes with an 80mm travel fork, 1.75″ puncture-resistant Schwalbe tires, and upright geometry for a relaxed and smooth ride feel.

The highlight of this bike is the drivetrain, comprising a Gates Carbon belt drive and Enviolo’s 380% Trekking stepless hub.

Finally, the Ultimate C380+ has four-piston Shimano MT420 hydraulic disc brakes, so you can stop safely even when traveling at 28mph.

Overall, this Gazelle bike is one of the best all-around urban models on the market, as well as having an impressive motor.

Buy from Mike’s Bikes

Buy from Mike’s Bikes

Fastest e-Bikes Buying Guide

If you’re on the hunt for a new electric bike that can hit high max speeds, there are plenty of options, such as the ones we reviewed above.

However, there are some important things to consider before buying one of the fastest e-bikes on the market.

Most importantly, you must ensure it’s legal to ride in your state or county.

Classification of E-Bikes — Three-Class System

Electric bikes are subject to restrictions based on their top assisted speed and the power (watts) of the motor.

To be able to ride on the road legally, without the need for a license, electric bikes can have a maximum motor power of 750W and a top speed of 20mph (Class 2) or 28mph (Class 3).

Class 1: Pedal assistance only, 20mph max speed, 750W limit

Class 2: Pedal assistance or throttle, 20mph max speed, 750W limit

Class 3: Pedal assistance with 28mph max speed, throttle with 20mph max, 750W limit

Any electric bikes (like those above) that exceed these limits are not legally allowed on the road without licensing and insurance.

These are off-road e-bikes, but riding off-road in some public areas is also restricted.

In addition, electric bikes are limited to 750W and have a max assisted speed of 20mph or 28mph (depending on the state), meaning you can only ride a 1000W eBike off-road.

A 1000-watt electric bike can go roughly up to 35mph.

However, there are different types of motors and brands, which all perform differently.

For example, mid-drive motors provide much more torque than hub drive motors, meaning a 1000W mid-drive should reach higher speeds than a 1000W hub motor.

How fast can a 3000-watt electric bike go?

How fast can a 3000-watt electric bike go?

A 3000-watt motor can theoretically reach speeds in the range of 50mph.

An example of such a bike is the Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike which has a top speed of 50mph.

The Top 3.0 is closer to an electric dirt bike than a traditional e-bike.

What brakes should the fastest electric bikes come with?

The fastest electric bikes should come with hydraulic disc brakes at a minimum.

Ideally, powerful bikes should also have large brake rotors to increase braking power and heat dissipation.

One aspect of e-bikes not discussed that often but which is a very common point of advice for e-bike shop staff is the question of the ‘best’ e-bike for heavier riders.

As you would expect, defining a single ‘best’ e-bike is tough, but most e-bike manufacturers give a recommended maximum rider weight rating for each particular model of e-bike.

They may have been conservatively rated to ensure that e-bikes are not loaded to anywhere near their safe maximum limit, or a manufacturer may have been overenthusiastic with the rating in an effort to boost the performance credentials of their e-bikes.

In any event, it is up to the manufacturer to make clear what is the maximum suitable weight and many manufacturers go above and beyond the minimum legal limit that might be specified in national law, or that specified in international standards.

On some e-bike spec descriptions you won’t find any recommended maximum weight at all whilst others, like Rad Power Bikes, advertise weight ratings and payload capacities prominently.

Some companies like Rad Power Bikes give clear, prominent descriptions of the weight limits of all their e-bikes

The average US male weighs around 200lbs / 90kg and the average female around 170lbs / 77kg so you can figure out if you class yourself as a heavy rider based on these benchmarks!

An obvious first step in looking for an e-bike suitable for your weight is to look at the e-bike spec to see what the weight rating is.

It’s essential you are clear whether the figure includes the weight of the e-bike or just refers to the rider and any extra cargo or passengers they load onto the e-bike.

So, for example, Riese and Muller’s 2022 e-bike catalogue gives ‘Gross Vehicle Weight Capacity’ in their detailed spec reports.

So you would need to subtract the e-bike weight off of this to get the max rating for rider and luggage.

You might also see a ‘total weight limit’ given by other manufacturers, and often this includes the weight of the bike.

By contrast, phrases like ‘maximum rider weight’ or ‘maximum load’ will clearly exclude the weight of the e-bike itself.

Riese & Muller e-bikes are very well made and the company helpfully specifies gross weight ratings for each model

Just as important is using your own judgement on what is a suitable e-bike for your weight and whether a test ride reveals it to perform as you would want.

So let’s dive into what particular features are needed on the best e-bikes for heavier riders.

What to Look for in an E-Bike for a Heavier Rider

A very strong looking frame on this Riese and Muller Nevo model

There are a few key components you’ll want to have at the forefront of your mind when scouring the e-bike landscape.

In order to make sure you end up with a bike that feels sturdy and powerful enough for your needs as opposed to flimsy and underwhelming.

A powerful mid-motor is a good choice for heavier riders

Chunky frames with large section joints and plenty of weld between the elements of a bike frame are generally a good sign.

One specific point to consider is on full-suspension frames where a lot of rider weight will be over the rear suspension – you need to check that there is enough travel and enough resistance in the rear suspension unit to stop bottoming out of the suspension, causing damage to it.

A good dealer should be able to ascertain if a rear suspension unit is suitable for your weight.

Motor Power and Battery Size

The more weight your e-bike needs to move about the more important becomes a more powerful motor and a good sized battery.

Mid-drives are typically the best at moving heavier loads as they leverage the gears over a range of speeds to move the load easily.

That said, larger hub motors geared correctly can do a good job too (look for one with a high Nm torque rating).

Smaller, lightweight hub motors on e-bikes are not the ideal choice for very heavy riders.

500Wh is a good battery capacity benchmark for a daily commuting machine for a heavier rider covering moderate distances.

There are plenty of options above 500Wh too to well beyond 1000Wh – advisable for much heavier riders covering longer distances and of course spare batteries are usually an option as most e-bikes let the rider swap the batteries out.

Small wheels, wide tires, and plenty of spokes are a great combo for heavier riders

Double-wall rims are pretty standard and offer plenty of strength and load-bearing.

Wide tires are good too for load-bearing, grip and stability – above 2″ can be considered wide.

Suspension seatpost and seat can make a great combination

A wide platform to sit on with plenty of comfort on sturdily constructed seat rails are ideal on the best e-bike for heavier riders; not just for comfort but to isolate stresses from your bodyweight travelling into the seatpost and frame.

A suspension seatpost can serve the same purpose though as they are rare as a standard feature on e-bikes but may be a worthwhile upgrade.

Some models even allow the end-user to change the spring or elastomer to a harder one to take extra rider weight.

Hydraulic disk brakes provide plenty of stopping power for heavier riders

Hydraulic disk brakes now offer far more stopping power than older systems like cable-operated v-brakes and are very commonly specced on the top e-bikes for heavier riders – larger rotors give more stopping power too and anything beyond 160mm is a large rotor on an e-bike.

Heavier riders may pedal harder and put more force through the pedals, cranks, chain and bike gears.

Pedal axles can snap off so a heavy-duty spec pedal is a good idea and is easily upgraded to without too much additional cost if not on the original bike.

If you will be regularly cycling up steep hills the powerful motor mentioned above together with lower gearing on the bike is particularly important.

Five of the Best Electric Bikes For Heavier Riders

Here’s our selection of heavy duty e-bikes that are the best for heavier riders.

Note that e-cargobikes and emtbs are included as they are often a good choice for heavier riders because they are built to take plenty of weight / trail punishment respectively and so are often ‘overbuilt’ for many of the purposes they actually end up being used for.

We also focus on reputable makes as they often have exhaustive and stringent testing standards that make sure their e-bikes really are suitable for the weights they specify.

The Aventon Aventure, one of our favorite e-bikes overall, just so happens to be a top option for heavier riders.

The Aventon Aventure comes with plenty that should appeal to heavier riders: a large 750W motor, 720Wh battery, 80mm travel suspension fork, and 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, and you have the option of a step-thru frame.

One drawback is that it’s a fairly heavy e-bike at 73 lbs, but the larger feel to the bike beneath you helps you feel sturdy while riding.

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus

Small but superstrong: Rad Power Bikes’ RadRunner Plus

A mini-cargo bike with superstrong small wheels and a frame made to take loads of weight.

This bike is no speed demon.

But the motor does provide you with a generous 80Nm of torque so it will reliably get you around town by taking care of most hills for you.

“Controlled” is the word we often come back to with any of Rad Power’s bikes and that’s true for the Runner Plus as well.

It’s reliable and you can expect predictable power delivery from the motor.

400lbs of payload capacity and speed that helps riders fly

It’s a heavy bike itself at 88lbs, but it’s absolutely sturdy and comes with full-suspension comfort.

The 4.8″ tires are cushy, come with plenty of traction, and make you feel capable of handling most anything you’ll discover on roads or cross country.

Riders quickly discover that the 750W rear hub motor is the personification of unbridaled acceleration and speed.

450lbs of carrying capacity and 200 different modular options.

Rated Payload Capacity: 450lbs / 204kg

Rated Payload Capacity: 450lbs / 204kg

Rated Payload Capacity: 450lbs / 204kg

Rated Payload Capacity: 450lbs / 204kg

The Blix Packa Genie is a great option if you need to carry roomy cargo or even small children on the bench seat.

The Riese and Muller Suercharger2 integrates two batteries into its frame.

Heavier riders use more battery capacity.

Rated: Max cyclist weight 308lbs / 140kg

Riese and Muller build e-bikes to extremely high standards and their HS option on suitable models mean saddle, seatpost and pedals are all upgraded for heavier riders.

The Supercharger GT Vario HS looks ideal for heavier, heavy riding e-bikers as it features huge 1000Wh battery capacity, mega-strong Enviolo continuously variable hub gearing, suspension seatpost and the HS upgrade.

Rated: Max carrying capacity 330lbs / 150kg payload including rider

HD stands for heavy duty with the added benefit of an easy step-thru frame and frame size suitable for shorter heavier riders.

This BULLS Copperhead HD Wave packs true off-road capability in the form of a Performance Line CX motor, 625Wh battery, 120mm front suspension, 2.6″ wide knobbly tires and a large 203mm front brake rotor, all on a super strong frame.

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