C Cup Size: How Do C Cup Breasts Look in Different

Bras might look simple to the eye, but they’re really technical feats of engineering that require a proper fit to work correctly.

The thing about bras, though, is that the sizing is also complicated, because get this: the bra cup size doesn’t translate to the volume of your boobs.

So it’s no surprise that 80 percent of women are using the wrong size bra.

If you ever wondered about bra cup sizes and the biggest bra size letter available, keep on reading.

We’ve covered the details about the smallest to biggest cup sizes, as well as how to get the most accurate cup size for your breasts.

Commercial bra cup sizes generally range from AA—the smallest—to M, N, or O—the largest—depending on where you are in the world and which brands are available.

The most common range is A to DD, though there are specialty retailers where you can get your breasts sized by a professional then guided to a more expansive range of sizes—up to HH.

Go shopping online and you might find plus size bras all the way to O size.

Unfortunately, many women don’t know these sizes are available, because their favorite mainstream department store doesn’t carry such products.

Considering that, for the longest time, you could really only find up to DD/E or F in major retailers, it makes sense that there’s a misconception about bra cup sizing and how bras are supposed to fit.

How to Find Your Bra Size

Now that you know a bit more about the range of cup sizes out there, learning how to size a bra comes next.

You can get your bra size measurements easily.

Grab a tape measure and get the circumference of your rib cage just under the bust then do the same thing but for the fullest part of your breasts.

When getting your band size, round down to the nearest even number if you end up with an odd measurement.

Under Bust (Inches)24-26”26-28”28-30”30-32”32-34”34-36”Band Size303234363840

How to Find Your Bra Cup Size

How to Find Your Bra Cup Size

From there, you can determine the cup size.

Subtract the band size from the bust size.

The difference between the two shows the cup size.

For instance, if you have a 6-inch difference between bust and band, you wear a DDD cup.

A 13-inch difference is an M cup.

Any band size of 34 is considered a “true cup” size, meaning that is what you really are, regardless of what you calculate.

Keep in mind that the numbers on the chart can differ depending on the bra design and manufacturer.

In-Depth Look at Bra Cup Sizes – Smallest to Biggest

In North America, bra cup sizes follow a system of A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, and O, with O being the largest.

Many people think that AA is the smallest bra size, but there is one that’s smaller: AAA.

The band and bust difference between A cups is slight, about 1 inch.

When the measurement between your band and bust has a two inch difference, the B cup is for you.

Keep in mind that there are no BB or BBB sizes, so if you find that you’re in between the 2 inch difference either way, you may be able to go up to a C cup or down to an A cup.

The bust-band difference for a C cup bra is around 3 inches.

Again, C cups do not have double or triple letter sizes, so if you’re around 2.9 inches or 3.3 inches, you can go bigger or smaller in cup size.

Did you know that the D cup is one of the most common sizes in the US, UK, and Europe?

This means that you have a bust-band difference around 4 inches.

Since D, DD, and DDD breasts can be heavy, women who wear this size often require more supportive bras.

Beyond the standard A-DD sizing that most retailers are committed to, we have the E cup.

This is defined by a 5 inch difference between the under-bust and over-bust measurements.

Readily available at specialized bra stores, the F and FF cup denotes a 6 inch difference.

Sizes tend to be skewed towards designer preference, so be sure to get fitted by a professional.

At this point, you are going to need to go online or to the physical store of a specialized bra retailer.

If you have a bust-band difference between 7 and 8 inches, then you are most likely a G cup.

Be sure to look for bras that provide maximum support, since wearing the wrong sized bra could leave you with chronic back pain.

H and HH cups mean you have an 8-9 inch difference, while N and O are for a 14-15 inch difference.

With N and O being considered the largest sizes available in the US, you might have to do some searching to find a bra that fits.

Brands like Elila carry full-figure bras up to size O.

Do You Have The Right Bra Size?

Since we can’t talk about bra sizes without making sure people are wearing the right one for them, let’s briefly discuss what a properly fitting bra feels like.

For a woman with larger breasts, trying on different bra styles and cup sizes is key to finding the one that supports you the best.

This might mean going up or down a bra size—so knowing how far cup sizes go is also important.

Here’s what the right bra fits like:

The underwire is comfortable under the breasts and doesn’t dig into your ribs.The cups cover and support the breasts without any overflow or gaping.The band sits comfortably against your back with any hook, preferably the loosest hook.

Does the size of a bralette convert over to a regular bra cup size, you ask?

A bralette is an unlined bra that doesn’t have a clasp or underwire.

Here’s how you can use your bra cup size to determine your bralette size:

Even if you don’t plan on wearing a bralette any time soon, sometimes it helps to see how your cup size compares to t-shirt sizes!

Converting Bra Cup Sizes

You probably have already realized that countries label their bra sizes differently.

If you’re planning on going abroad or need an emergency bra while on the road, knowing the conversions will be useful.

Interestingly, cup sizes vary from not just manufacturer and manufacturer, but also by country.

Larger cup sizes often see the most variation.

The smallest bra cup size is always going to be AA or AAA.

Some countries, like Poland, have bra cups that go all the way to R.

Here is a quick comparison of US, UK, and AUS cup sizes:

Band-Bust Difference (Inches)<112345678910111213US Cup SizeABCDDD/EDDD/FDDDD/GHIJKLMUK/AU Cup SizeABCDDDEFFFGGGHHHJ

And here is the band size equivalent between various countries:

One thing that countries seem to have in common is using the chest circumference and a cup size to display the distance between the bust and the band.

As mentioned previously, the larger your breasts, the greater the variances in cup size.

Many international brands tend to use US/UK sizing, while brands from the EU or JP will use a different system of labeling.

Also, many European brands will skip “I” because it can look like a 1 on the tag.Most fuller sized bras will use UK sizing.

The double letter system that you saw above (DD, GG, HH) works really well with larger cup sizes.

So, if you have a cup size that’s over DD, refer to UK bra sizing for the most reliable fit.Keep in mind that some bra size calculators are inaccurate.

If you’re a fuller figured person shopping for bras in Japan, the converted size the calculator gave you could be wrong.

Why Do Bra Sizes Differ From Store to Store?

Women around the world tend to struggle when shopping for a bra.

This is because bras come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and price tags.

And, as Lady Luck would have it, sizing can be drastically different between two products from the same manufacturer.

If you’re wondering why this happens and why some stores go to size G while others have up to size L or O, here’s the reason: there are no industry-standard sizing specifications for bras.

This means that every designer and manufacturer can size the bra according to their own ideals.

Only a few bra stores, like UK-owned Bravissimo have designs that are tested then sized based on the results.

In other words, don’t be upset if you see your cup size increase or decrease while trying one multiple bras in the fitting room.

It doesn’t mean anything beyond the way the product itself was sized.

Hopefully, you now know that the smallest bra cup size available is the AAA and that the largest is either N or O.

There is a wide variety of cup sizes out there for every style of bra, though you will find that the larger the difference between your over-bust and under-bust, the harder it will be to locate your size.

When in doubt, visit a specialized store that carry the largest bra sizes around.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bra Cup Sizes

What is the largest bra size?

Technically, there is no limit to how big a bra size could be.

There are over 250 bra sizes to choose from.

Presently, the largest bra size ever recorded is 102ZZZ, belonging to Annie Hawkins-Turner (Norma Stitz), a woman from Atlanta, Georgia.

She holds the Guinness World Record for the largest natural breasts.

As you might have guessed, Hawkins-Turner has her bras specially made, as no store would carry her size.And if we’re talking about the average largest bra size available in stores, that is usually a 40DDD at Victoria Secret in the United States.

After that cup size is G, H, and in some cases I, K, L, M, N, then O.

What’s the biggest cup size for bras?

The biggest cup size available for bras depends on where you are located.

Currently in the US, the biggest cup size regularly available is O, which indicates a 15-inch difference between your bust and the band of the bra.

What is the letter in bra size?

The letter you see after the number indicates the cup size of the bra.

Cup sizes can range through AA to N in most countries, including the US, and it refers to how many inches larger the bust is to the size of the band.

The cup size doesn’t have anything to do with the volume of the breasts; it’s measuring proportion.

This is why a 36C has larger cups than a 34C.

About C cup Breasts

Everyone has a different idea of how C cup breasts look like.

Most people believe that it falls on the small side of the bra size chart.

This is not entirely wrong since some brands offer C cup as their largest size.

We are especially talking about brands that cater to women with smaller breasts.

On the other hand, some people think that C cup breasts are relatively big since they are only a size away from D.

The answer to how big C cup breasts are, is a little bit complex.

You first need to be conversant with the C cup size label and what it actually means.

In most cases, bra sizes usually include both numbers and letters.

The number represents the ribcage size while the letter is the bust size.

Therefore, a C cup bra has a three-inch difference between the underbust and the overbust.

C cup size is a size bigger than a B cup, which means the overbust circumference is an inch more assuming the measurement around the ribcage is constant.

Nevertheless, the one-inch difference is still the same for C and D cup breasts, with the latter falling on the higher side of the bra sizing chart.

In comparison to A cup breasts, the C cup is larger by two cup sizes if the ribcage circumference stays the same.

In this case, the overbust measurement tends to increase by two inches.

How C Cup Breasts Look

Technically, a C cup size has a three-inch difference between the underbust and overbust.

But, how does it actually look like?

Things are about to get complicated on here since C cup breasts tend to look different due to different factors.

For instance, let’s take a woman measuring 30” around the ribcage with a 33” breast size and another that measures 40” and 43” respectively.

Both of them wear C cup bra sizes but the only difference is one has larger breasts owing to the difference in their ribcage measurements.

This is why it’s almost impossible to determine how C cup breasts look like.

C cup breasts can either look smaller or bigger, depending on a woman’s body frame.

The cup size doesn’t look massive since it’s not a fuller breast size.

Here are some examples of C cup sizes with different bra band sizes in pictures:

26C Breasts Ewa Michakal 3DM Trefl Bra

28C Breasts in Freya Deco Moulded Soft Cup Bra

30C Breasts in Wacoal B.Tempted Ciao Bella Balconette Bra

32C Breasts in Natori Feathers Contour Plunge Bra

36C Breasts in Warner’s This is Not A Bra Full Coverage Bra

38C Breasts in Chantelle High Impact Convertible Sports Bra

The Weight of C Cup Breasts

The weight of C cup breasts can be compared to 18 pancakes, grapefruit, six bananas, and a hedgehog.

As earlier mentioned, C cup breasts are different on different women and so is their weight.

C cup size is quite popular since they are considered average breast sizes in different countries, i.e., they are neither big nor small.

For instance, the average breast size is DDD for Caucasians and DD for non-Caucasians in the US.

Therefore, this makes a C cup two sizes below par.

However, in Japan, C cup size is considered to be on the larger side since A cup is their average breast size.

C cup size is the average cup size in Bulgaria, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, all which are Europe countries.

So, C cup breasts are not entirely average.

Are There C Cup Breast Implants and Augmentation?

However, plastic surgeons cannot guarantee a specific cup size after the surgical procedure if you are planning on getting implants.

Implants don’t usually come in different cup sizes but are measured in cubic centimeters.

The size of the implants will depend on your breast size.

Most plus size women have wider breasts.

According to a famous plastic surgeon, 150cc to about 200cc is an ideal rule of the thumb if you looking to increase your cup size.

The implant shape also determines the final look of the breasts as some are flatter than others.

At best, the surgeon should help you establish a great estimate of your newly acquired breast size.

Here are celebrities with C cup breasts:

Here are celebrities with C cup breasts:

By the way, breasts can grow or reduce in size over time.

There are many reasons why the breast size may increase, for exampe, due to pregnancy, increasing or losing weight, genetics, and so on.

You can even see how some celebrities clearly spot different breast sizes on the red carpet over time.

Best C Cup Bras

A C cup size is great!

Let’s look at some of the best C cup bras in the market:

If not, here are some push up bras with the same effect you should try.

This push up bra comes in lacy and smooth design options and uses removable air pads and gel to enhance your breast size.

This bra comes in different colors and offers incredible support thanks to the removable pads push up effect.

It’s available in different band sizes and colors, including different skin tone shades.

It additionally features seamed cups and graduated pads for ultimate breast support and lift while keeping you super comfortable.

YANDW Demi Moulded Cup Bra

This bra comes in different lace and color options.

It helps make your breasts look perkier and rounder with an outstanding cleavage.

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