The World’s Heaviest Bicep Curls (St

World Record for Heaviest Bicep Curls (Strict and Non-Strict) 176lbs – 80kg to 315lbs – 142kg Compilation 2016

This is a compilation of some of the world record heaviest bicep curls with a strict and non-strict bar.

Bicep curls is an exercise that works your biceps which is a single muscle and is not performed with a heavy weight for good form, in some cases it has a competition where people compete to see who can curl the most weight with a strict curlers, weightlifters, bodybuilders, strongman, powerlifters and arm wrestlers compete in this sport, so in this video I present to you all the barbell bicep curl world records, both Ez bar and straight bar.

Strict Bicep Curls World Record

1. Kevin Ward   Strict 176lbs – 80kg

2. Dane Harris Strict 215 lbs – 97 kg

3. CT Fletcher Strict 225 lbs – 102 kg

5. Denis Cyplenkov Strict 249 lbs – 113 kg

5. Denis Cyplenkov Strict 249 lbs – 113 kg

World Record for Heaviest Bicep Curl (Not Strict)

1. Tim   Non strict  240 lbs – 109 kg 1 REP

2. Magnus Samuelsson Not strict   308 lbs – 140 kg 4 REPS

3. Denis Cyplenkov  Non strict      308 lbs – 140 kg  5 – 8 REPS

4. Kali Muscle    Not Strict     315 lbs – 142 kg 12 REPS

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