Dispatch names female idols with best legs

(Image : MAMAMOO Hwasa | TWICE Jihyo | BLACKPINK Jisoo) Although many Korean netizens have criticized these K-pop idols because they find them “fat,” they are slim and healthy!

1 TWICE’s Jihyo (Photo: JYP Entertainment) Jihyo is someone with big breasts, and her body is an inverted triangle, it seems that her top is more than her actual weight

However, if you look at his torso, arms, and legs, he is very small

The idol has worked hard to get a strong body and has achieved a healthy body without any complications

2 BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (Photo: Jisoo Instagram) Unlike everyone else, Jisoo has no waist

Most of his weight goes to his middle and upper thighs

Although he seems heavier than the other members of the church at times, Jisoo is very strong

3 MOMOLAND’s Nancy (Photo: Nancy Bar) Nancy has an apple body, and most of her weight goes to her middle

His body is also short, which makes his stomach look big

However, when you look at the rest of his body, his arms, legs, and face remain skinny

Nancy has a bigger body than most idols, which made people feel ashamed of her

However, he is healthy and strong

Most of her weight goes to her waist and thighs, making her a beautiful mirror image

Because of her thick thighs, Korean netizens criticized her for being fat

However, when you look at her upper body, she is very curvy

5 Red Velvet’s Joy (Photo: gallrof) Joy is the tallest, but the other Red Velvet girls are petite and petite, making them look fat

The idol often gains weight in her thighs

While Korean netizens criticized her for being thick, Joy played up her “sexy dynamite” image, and now people are loving her tight figure

6 TWICE’s Tzuyu (Photo: MAPLE DREAMERS) Tzuyu is very petite and has a perfect figure

However, the idol has wide hips and thick thighs

Because of this, TWO antis will punch him because of his weight

However, the TWICE fans know that the idol has an hourglass shape and it fits perfectly

7 Red Velvet’s Yeri (Photo: Inkigayo) Red Velvet’s maknae Yeri is quite thick in the middle because of her bone structure, which makes her look small

Like MOMOLAND’s Nancy, she has a short spine, making her body look thick

However, in reality, it fits well and is comfortable

His arms and legs are thin

8 SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan (Photo: BOO-bit) When Seungkwan made his debut, some people found him fat because of his short cheeks and round face

In fact, he was one of the smallest members of the group, with long legs and weak arms

9 IZ*ONE Nako (Photo: Inkigayo) Nako is the shortest member of IZ*ONE and one of the shortest idols in K-pop

Because of his height, his legs and arms seem to be more fat than him

In fact, Nako is young and healthy

He is truly one of the cleanest people in the group!

The Dispatch recently released a list of the best figures in female idols, according to the chest, which is also known as cleavage

Idols definitely put a lot of time and effort into achieving their bodies, but some are more successful than others in certain areas

Whether it’s genetics, food and exercise, or smart use of clothes, these are some female idols with beautiful faces and enviable breasts, as selected by Dispatch

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