The Heaviest Newborn Babies Ever Born

It is normal for babies to be born between the 5.5 pound to 10 pound range.

It is true that most of the babies born each year are born between the normal weight range, while a very small percentage are either very small or very large.

There is research that shows how or why children can be born outside the normal range.

Other factors such as a pregnant woman’s weight, whether she has diabetes or high blood pressure can affect the size and health of her newborn baby.

Below is a list of babies who were born well above the normal weight of a newborn baby.

The ten heaviest babies ever born.

Teen gives birth to 15-pound baby in India

A 19-year-old woman named Nandini gave birth to a 15-pound, 24.4-inch baby girl in May 2016.

She was delivered through a thirty-minute caesarean section at a government-run hospital in Karnataka, India.

The mother, Nandini, was 207 pounds at the time of her daughter’s delivery and doctors feared it would cause her diabetes and affect the baby.

The 15-pound baby girl is the heaviest recorded newborn in India.

On February 11, 2013, a 21-year-old woman named Jade Packer gave birth to a 15-pound, 7-ounce baby boy at Gloucester Royal Infirmary.

According to his parents, it was difficult to deliver him because the doctors and his family were not aware of his size.

The doctors gave him a ten percent chance of survival and he was transferred to St Michaels Hospital.

8. 16-pound baby born in California is one of the largest in history

Sosefina Tagula of California gave birth to a 16-pound, 1.7-ounce baby boy named Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva in 2013.

According to his mother, he was born early, and the doctors believed he would have weighed 18 pounds.

According to his mother, at 5 months old, baby Sammisano weighed 25 pounds and had an insatiable hunger.

7. 16-pound baby boy born in Texas Hospital

In 2011, Janet Johnson gave birth to a 16-pound, 24-inch-long baby at Longview Hospital in Texas.

He is the largest baby ever born in that state.

Janet, who was 39 years old when she gave birth, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy which may have contributed to JaMichael’s size.

6. Cape Town woman gives birth to 7.6 kg baby

In 2007, Cathleen Abels delivered a baby girl weighing 16 pounds 9 ounces at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town.

According to the hospital staff, this was the largest baby born at this particular hospital.

She gave birth to her baby Chesner naturally and according to some news sources, the baby had a little trouble breathing and thus received help with breathing from a ward.

5. A woman in Brazil gave birth to a “giant baby” weighing 17 pounds (8 kg).

In 2005, Franasca dos Santos delivered a 17-pound baby by cesarean section at a hospital in Salvador, Brazil.

Franasca was 38 years old at the time of her son’s birth.

The doctors at the hospital believed his unusual size was due to his mother’s diabetes.

The baby, Ademilton dos Santos, is the heaviest baby ever born in Brazil.

4. Russian mother gives birth to a ‘giant’ baby

Tatyana Khalina, age 43, gave birth in September 2004 to a baby weighing 17 pounds and 5 ounces.

She gave birth by caesarean section in a hospital in the Altai region of Siberia.

In September 2009, parents Hananudlin and Ani welcomed a baby boy weighing 19 pounds and 2 ounces.

His mother, Ani, who had diabetes, underwent a 40-minute complicated cesarean delivery.

She was 41 years old at the time of her son’s birth.

2. Carmelina Fedele – Gave birth to the Heavest Baby who weighed 10.2kg

In 1955, Carmelina Fedele gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 22 pounds and 8 ounces.

She gave birth in Aversa Italy.

Her baby is the heaviest recorded baby born.

This baby made it to the Guinness World Records as one of the heaviest babies ever born in the world.

1. Anna Bates – Gave birth to the 28 inch long baby

In 1879, a Canadian woman named Anna Bates gave birth to a boy who weighed 9.98 kg (22 pounds) and measured 28 inches in length.

She gave birth naturally at her home in Ohio, USA.

According to the Guinness World Records, Anna Bates herself was 7 feet 11 inches tall.

This baby made it into the Guinness World Records as one of the largest newborns in the world.

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