Things That Are About The Same Weight As A bowling ball

Curious about what common items weigh 15 pounds (680kg)?

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Vacuum Cleaner Ball BowlFootstool Golf BagSnow Camping Stove SledWall MirrorToddler Car SeatOne Gallon Paint 40-Inch LED TV

Vacuum Cleaner

Typically, vacuum cleaners weigh around 15 pounds for ease of use

However, some may weigh more or less than 15 pounds

This will depend on the type of vacuum you buy, whether it’s a small one or a large one

You may have heard that bowling balls can weigh 14, 15, or 16 pounds

However, the standard size for bowing games can use 15 pounds

For additional information, bowling balls are made from precision wood

A foolstool is one of those pieces of furniture that functions well as a footrest

Although the base is for walking, it can also be a seat (sofa) for children

Stools are usually made of a combination of wood and leather

Several colors and patterns; it will depend on the design

Modern footstools use light colors or neutral colors such as white, while classics choose the brown option

Most footstools weigh 15 pounds

Yes, we are talking about a 15 kilogram item now!

Golf Bag Kab

Then, you may have a golf bag to store your golf items that you will be using

Anyway, ever wondered how much he weighs?

Yes, of course they come in different sizes, but in general, golf bags weigh around 15 pounds

The best golf bags are usually lighter and waterproof

Camp Stove

Then, it is better to bring a practical and reliable camping stove

A camping stove is something you should buy if you are going camping

Having a camping stove allows you to cook much-needed food because you can’t buy food anywhere while camping

Don’t worry, and the camp stove is not too heavy to carry

It’s usually only about 15 pounds!

Snow Sled

What do you think about sleds?

Well, it must be very necessary when it comes to the snowy season

You can use it to have fun with your children (play or race in winter), or you can use it to carry heavy wood

Sleds are made of wood, plastic, or metal

A sled can be a low frame or cart that requires an animal like a horse to pull it

A sled usually weighs 15 kilograms

Mirror Wall

Girl or boy, everyone should always look in the mirror to see their reflection, so they know that they are beautiful

It can be made of wood, iron, etc, and can be painted in different colors such as blue, gold, pink, etc

They are usually fragile, so care must be taken to take care of them

Anyway, most mirrors are around 15 pounds

Toddler Car Seat

Most people, including you, need to own a car so that you can go wherever, whenever, wherever you want

Perhaps, buying a car may take many things into consideration, such as having small children or having a limited budget?

If you have small children, you should definitely buy one that provides safety and comfort seats for children

There are two types of car seats for small children

The chair, for additional information, weighs about 15 pounds

A Gallon of Paint

It seems funny, but you need gallons of paint to cover the walls to decorate a good room such as, for example, a bedroom that is 375-425 square feet

Porous, previously painted drywall will require more than a gallon of paint

You may need to choose a dark color paint option such as black

Thus, other paint color options, including green, red, yellow, purple, etc, are also available

Similar to the other items mentioned before, one gallon of paint weighs 15 pounds

An LED TV that weighs 15 pounds?

Well, you might be surprised to find that a 15-pound LED TV doesn’t exist, right?

But that’s the reality

LED TVs weighing 15 pounds, such as the TCL 4 Series 43S435 and the Vizio V-Series V405-H19, are smaller and more affordable

However, they have good color accuracy and even support HDR10

In addition to the objects we discussed above, some objects weigh around 15 kilograms, such as Fish tanks, Stereo Systems, Pressure Cookers, Storage Cabinets, Thick Carpets, and more

Many other everyday items can weigh 15 pounds

You can pick up a scale and weigh the objects around you

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