“Things That Weigh About the Same as a Chihuah

Curious about what kind of common thing weighs 15 pounds (680 kg)?

So when you’re on vacation, you can read some articles on websites about anything from news to trivia, and now, here you are to read our articles!

Anyway, have you ever questioned or wondered about the weight of your items, such as your PC, training bag, TV, radio, sofas, mountain bike, etc ?

Well, this time, let’s talk about these trivia

Vacuum cleaner Bowling ball Footstool Golf bag Camping stove Snow sledge Wall mirror Kids car seat One gallon of paint 40-inch LED TV

Vacuum Cleaner

Typically, a vacuum cleaner weighs around 15 pounds to make it lightweight and easy to use

However, some can also weigh more or less than 15 pounds

This will depend on the type of vacuum you have purchased, whether it is small or large

You may have heard that bowling balls can weigh 14, 15 or 16 pounds

However, the standard size for a bow game might use 15lbs

For your additional information, a bowling ball is made from a precision piece of wood

A stool is a type of furniture that works well as a support to elevate the foot

Although basically for the feet, it can also be a seat (a sofa) for children

The stool is usually made from a combination of wood and leather

Their colors and patterns vary; it will depend on your design

The modern footstool uses light colors or neutral colors such as white, while the classic chooses a brown option

Most footstool weight is 15 pounds

Yep, we’re talking 15-pound items now!

golf club bag

So, you might already have a golf bag to store the golf items you’ll be using

Anyway, have you ever wondered how much he weighs?

Well, it sure comes in different sizes, but generally a golf bag weighs around 15 pounds

The best golf bag generally tends to be lighter and more waterproof

camping stove

So, it is better to bring a camping stove that is practical and reliable

A camping stove is a must have item that you must buy if you are about to go camping

Owning a camping stove, you can cook food that becomes very necessary, as you cannot buy food anywhere while camping

Don’t worry, and a camping stove isn’t too heavy to carry

It’s mostly about 15 pounds only!

snow sled

What do you think of the sled?

Well, it must be very necessary when it comes to the snowy season

You can use it to have fun with your kids (playing or running around during the snowy season), or you can also use it to carry a heavy load of wood

A sled is made of wood, plastic or metal

A sleigh can be a low structure or a carriage that needs animals like horses to pull it

A sled usually weighs 15 pounds

wall mirror

Be it a girl or a man, everyone should always look in the mirror to see her reflection so that he or she knows if she is beautiful

It can be made of wood, iron, etc, and it can be painted with different colors, such as blue, gold, pink, etc

Normally, she is fragile, so care must be taken to care for her

Anyway, most of the mirror weighs about 15 pounds

children’s car seat

Most people, including you, must own a car in order to be able to go anywhere, anytime and anywhere you want

Maybe buying a car considers many things like having a small child or having a limited budget perhaps?

If you have a small child, of course, you should buy the one that offers safety and comfort seats for your children

There are two types of child car seats

These seats, FYI, weigh about 15 pounds

A gallon of paint

It sounds funny, but somehow you need a gallon of paint to cover your wall for a nice room decor like say a 375-425 square foot room

Porous drywall that has been painted before may need more than a gallon of paint

You may need to choose a dark colored ink option, such as black

Thus, other ink color options are also available, such as green, red, yellow, purple, etc

Just like the other items mentioned earlier, a gallon of paint weighs 15 pounds

An LED TV that weighs 15 kilos?

Well, you might be surprised to find that £15 LED TV exists, right?

But that’s the fact

LED TV weighs 15 pounds like TCL 4 Series 43S435 and Vizio V-Series V405-H19 which are small and more affordable

Still, they have excellent color accuracy and even support HDR10

In addition to the objects we discussed above, some objects weigh around 15 pounds, such as fish tanks, stereo systems, pressure cookers, storage cabinets, a thick rug, and more

Many other everyday items can weigh 15 pounds

You can take a scale and weigh the objects around you

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