Who is the heaviest player in the Six Nations?

Size isn’t everything in rugby, but for this forward pack, it matters most.

These are the greatest men to ever play the game.

Note: We have used the highest recorded weight during gameplay.

Some players have fluctuated in weight throughout their careers.

1. WillGriff John (Wales) – 140kg2.

Ben Tameifuna (Tonga) – 146kg: Props to his ability to fill in hooker3.

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The RUCK of the teams competing in the 2021 Autumn Nations series reveals what would be the heaviest pack possible.

The front eight monster weighs a whopping 1035 kg in total, which is the same as a Ford Focus.

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1. Rhys Carré (Wales) – 131kg2.

Peato Mauvaka (France) – 124kg3.

Ben Tameifuna (Tonga) – 146 kg

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There are massive men competing in the Six Nations, so we’ve put together a list of this season’s biggest heavyweights with the help of Opta.

Lots of big men: The Welsh and French hordes fall (Getty Images)

Who is the heaviest player in the Six Nations?

Ahead of the first Six Nations match of the year, which saw France face Wales, the hosts named a group of forwards dubbed the “heaviest squad in history”.

Weighing in at around 962 kilos (give or take), it was a huge hit.

Which got us thinking – who is the heaviest player according to official statistics?

So we asked our friends at Opta, who track this kind of thing.

They provided us with this table below of the current heavyweight teams.


Swim Atonio

Harry Williams

Thomas Francis






Mathieu Bastareaud


John Ryan








It’s no surprise that giant La Rochelle prop Uini Atonio tops the list.

Next down is England’s Harry Williams – Exeter teammate Tomas Francis is just a few kilos behind.

Second on the list: England’s Harry Williams (Getty Images)

It’s an attacking talent that includes little Mathieu Bastareaud.

You might be surprised not to see Mako Vunipola or Tadhg Furlong in there, but according to Opta they’ve trimmed a few clicks recently (Furlong was 119kg in the fixture against England on Saturday).

There are sure to be a few fan favorites on that extensive list of players.

But what about the average team weight?



England average

Irish average

Welsh average

French average

Scottish average

Italian average

Remember, we’ve used the words “average” and “team” here, so every member of the larger training group counts toward this number.

England is on top, Italy is at the bottom.

Who knows, maybe this is what the final Six Nations table will look like too…

Surprised France isn’t at the top of this list?

It seems that England has just a little more power.

Thanks to Opta for the statistics.

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